Year round affection \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

How to Show Affection Year-Round

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Year round affection \ Image: Dakster Sullivan
Year-round affection \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

I loathe Valentine’s Day. It commercializes showing affection and makes it seem like you should go all-out one day a year. And worse, the advertisements make it seem like you have to spend a lot of money to show your affection. In my opinion, affection is better shown year-round and not when Hallmark says you should. Here is a list of humble and inexpensive ways you can show your affection to a loved one year-round.

  • Hold hands
  • Do a chore around the house without being asked
  • Tell them in words (sometimes just saying “be careful” or “drive safe” counts)
  • Buy them their favorite flower (regardless of gender affiliation)
  • If they are open to hugs, hug them
  • Write them a note, even if it’s just to say hi
  • Text them a random fun GIF
  • Respond to their text messages or e-mails
  • Play a game with them
  • Show interest in something they have an interest in (even if you don’t have any interest in it yourself)
  • Let them pick out the movie or restaurant
  • Find something local to take them to that they’d enjoy
  • Find out their favorite food and serve it at a meal
  • Put down your phone when you are together
  • Leave a fun note in their lunch
  • Show gratitude when they do something for you
  • Ask how their day went
  • Do a chore for them that they don’t like doing themselves
  • Surprise them at their workplace or school with a snack or lunch
  • Put their favorite music on in the car

No matter how you show your affection, make sure you mean it and you’re not doing it just to do it. That will show through the action and make it that much more meaningful.

How do you show your affection to a loved one? Leave us your ideas in the comments!

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