Tabletop Review: Unicorn Dice from Metallic Dice Games

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Unicorn Dice
Unicorn Dice from Metallic Dice Games. Photo by Elizabeth MacAndrew.

Every Tabletop RPG Group has at least one hoarder of pretty/shiny/sparkly polyhedral dice. In my group’s current line up of players, I am most certainly that player and I have absolutely no shame about it, especially when it comes to Unicorn Dice.

Between social media posts and my position writing for GeekMom, I swear I’ve found myself discovering more and more indie dice makers which is probably dangerous to my wallet, but my dice habit loves to be fed.

Back in June, Metallic Dice Games released a Kickstarter for a second wave of their Unicorn Dice. We teamed up with another gaming group member to pledge at the $52 4-Polyhedral Set Level. Every backer of any level also got 1 free d6 in “Unicorn Ice.” The dice were expected to be delivered in November.

Metallic Dice Games did a great job of keeping everyone in the loop especially when they needed to await another batch of the Unicorn Ice dice arriving. We had our order in hand during November as promised, but with the Thanksgiving Holiday, the last round shipped out by December 1st. Overall, I would say that Metallic Dice Games kept to their schedule and were prompt about keeping people in the loop when their was a small delay. Anyone ordering these as a gift for the holidays should have them well in hand in time.

Now, onto the dice. When we actually detailed out our pledge, were were allowed to choose dice from the first wave as well as the second wave. Our order included four different sets: Aurora, Sea Kelp, Rogue Rage, and Midnight Fantasy (wave one design).

These dice are absolutely stunning. I have done my best to try to capture the sparkle level, but my pictures are likely inadequate.

Unicorn Dice
Aurora Dice. Photo by Elizabeth MacAndrew.

Aurora is a purple to blue to green tri-colored style with metallic silver numbers. The coloring is more of a tint than a solid which really lets the light gets in there so the iridescent glitter can sparkle with all it’s got. This was the set chosen by one of our gaming friends.

Unicorn Dice
Rogue Rage Dice. Photo by Elizabeth MacAndrew.

Rogue Rage was one of my picks, since I usually play rogues in the group. It has a clear base with smokey grey swirls, iridescent glitter, and gold metallic numbers. The smokey swirls and glitter have a nice balance where the smoke swirls still let the glitter show.

Sea Kelp Dice. Photo by Elizabeth MacAndrew.

Sea Kelp also has a clear base but there’s a combination of blue and green swirls with iridescent glitter and black numbers. Some show more blue swirls than others but, otherwise, I think both colors were pretty decently represented. The swirls don’t overpower the glitter so the sparkle is still very much there.

Midnight Fantasy Dice. Photo by Elizabeth MacAndrew.

Midnight Fantasy continues the trend of clear base with color swirls. This one had a dark purple with a bluish purple combination in the swirls, with the dark purple leaning a little stronger. These ones have metallic gold numbers. Just like the other swirly dice, you can still get a lot of sparkle off the iridescence glitter.

Unicorn Ice Die. Photo by Elizabeth MacAndrew.

Unicorn Ice, the freebie, is completely clear with black numbers and the iridescent glitter really gets to show off. I wouldn’t mind a full set of these myself.

Overall, I felt like I got the product that was promised in the time promised. They really are lovely dice and I expect to backstab many NPC foes with these in my hands. I’m not the type of person who throws dice in salt water to test them, but I did give them a fair number of test rolls and I haven’t noticed any particular blatant weight balance as of yet.

Would I back this company via Kickstarter again? Absolutely. I hope there is a third wave of Unicorn Dice especially as some really cool designs had not gotten unlocked yet, and I hope they are included in a third wave.

If you want to grab a set for yourself, the non-Kickstarter Price is $14.99 a set (we got them two dollars cheaper a set as backers) and the wave one dice including Midnight Fantasy and Unicorn Ice can be found here. According to the message I got from their Facebook page when I inquired, the second wave should be hitting the site around December 10th.

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