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Top 10 Things I’ve Learned About Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

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This November, I’ll be embarking on my first Royal Caribbean cruise. I’ve cruised with Disney five times in the past and I’m curious to see how Royal Caribbean will differ. So far here are the top 10 things I’ve learned that I feel are worth noting for first-time cruisers.

1. Towels

There is a charge for pool towels that are not returned. $25 per towel, in fact. Double-check your final bill to make sure you are not charged for towels you returned.

2. Room Service

There is a $7.95 per order charge for room service. This is per order, not item.

3. Dinner Times

Dining is done two ways; My time (go when you want) and scheduled (5:30 or 8:30). For My Time Dining, it is recommended that you make a reservation first.

4. Kids Curfew

Kids have a curfew of 1 AM if they are under 18 years old.

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5. Fun Things to Do

There are a lot of activities on the ship but not all run at the same time. This makes sense for staffing reasons. Depending on the ship you are on will determine the available activities, some of which include ziplining, skydiving, scuba classes, trampoline jumping, water slides, and more.

6. Food Options

If you go hungry, it’s your own darn fault. There are a number of free dining options that are open most of the day. And of course, there is always room service.

7. Split Beds

You can have a split bed arrangement if you are traveling with someone you don’t want to share a bed with. This works great if you are sharing a room with your best friend or a relative.

8. Drink Packages

You can purchase a drink package, but it’s not required because certain beverages are included with your cruise fare including tea, lemonade, regular and decaf coffee, tap water, and hot cocoa. If you do not purchase a drink package, you will pay for your drinks as you get them.

9. Specialty Restaurants

Depending on the ship there will be a number of these onboard. They are extra but looking at the menus and reviews they are worth trying on at least one night of your cruise.

10. Cruise Compass

You can find previous cruise compasses (the cruise daily newsletter) on the Royal Caribbean Blog (unofficial) to see what to expect activity wise on your cruise.

Do you have any tips for this first time Royal Cruiser? Leave me a comment down below and let me know what your tip is.

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