GeekMom Patricia at San Diego Comic Con: Day 2

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Day 2 required me to up my ante on crowd management and the art of line-waiting. Image credit: Patricia Vollmer.

Good evening! Day 2, Friday, definitely required me to up my game on dealing with the crowds. Of the 3 1/2 days I’ve spent at SDCC, this was the day where I was able to spend the most time wandering the exhibit hall and explore at my own pace. In addition, I had wonderful experiences getting to know more about AMC’s The Terror: Infamy, and celebrating Impact Comics launch of their first title, Neon Future.

But first, the exhibit hall!

I think this is going to turn into a post of its own, but unlike the numerous other major cons I’ve attended in the past, there people waiting in line EVERYWHERE. For EVERYTHING. Yes, there are lines elsewhere, but nothing at all like what I saw here. Day 2 was also when I noticed the “Hall H Campground”, where guests have turned “holding a place in line” into an absolute art form!

Weta Workshop’s replica of Gandalf’s staff, complete with a pipe and pipe cleaner embedded in it. That staff was HEAVY — probably about 20 pounds! Image credit: Patricia Vollmer

Where are our ‘Riverdale’ fans? There were some fun replica props at the Warner Bros. exhibit area. Image credit: Patricia Vollmer
How about our fans of the NBC hit ‘Friends’? I can’t believe I’m on the couch! Image credit: Patricia Vollmer

After getting to take my time on the exhibit hall floor, including buying some souvenirs for my husband and sons, it was time to get back to work. I had back-to-back afternoon events: a press conference with the cast and creators of AMC’s The Terror: Infamy, immediately followed by the panel.

“Camping” for Hall H access. While at first I was thinking this would be a really cheap way to experience SDCC, we found out that this particular group had a hotel right across the street, which now seems like a waste of money to me. I think you can “camp” for free… Image credit: Patricia Vollmer

After the panel, I met the other GeekMom writers nearby to celebrate a relatively new comic book company, Impact Theory, which launched their first title, Steve Aoki’s Neon Future, this past spring. We had a chance to hear CEO Tom Bilyeu tell us about his motivation for how they planned to turn the comic industry on its head. I had a very nice time talking to artists, including one of the writers, who described a television-writer-style group approach to writing these stories.

Tom Bilyeu’s new comic company, Impact Theory Comics, celebrates empowering stories, where anyone can see themselves in the heroes. Image credit: Patricia Vollmer

So that’s my Day 2 — which definitely had more “me time” than did Day 1, but I still have plenty of great information I still need to share. On Sunday I fly back to Colorado, and I intend to write up Day 3 for you while on the flight, which was 12 solid hours of getting one great experience after another, including my Charlie Bucket moment!

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