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DC Collectibles: Wonder Woman by Jenny Frison

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Wonder Woman Jenny FrisonEvery NYCC, my favorite booth to walk through is DC Collectibles. Their warm welcomes and wonderful tours are one of the highlights of my con. However,  I’ve never actually had the opportunity to do more than ogle them. Last week, DC Collectibles surprised me by offering to send me a free preview copy of their new Wonder Woman statue by Jenny Frison. As part of my reporting, I almost always focus only on the female characters, and I always love boosting the women designers. So being offered one of their collectibles that hits both those buttons is pretty awesome.

What Comes in the Box?

First of all, one of the things I never realized from just walking through the booth was that the statutes arrive in a few large pieces that you have to assemble. Assembly was easy, but I nearly had a heart attack opening the box and seeing four pieces and no stand. My first thought? “Not AGAIN, post office!” But, no, once I realized that all the pieces were there (including the stand that was located in a nifty little hidden spot on the back of the foam packaging), I breathed a quick sigh of relief.

Wonder Woman Jenny Frison

Wonder Woman: Always on the Move

The sigh of relief immediately transformed into sighs of ecstasy. Wonder Woman is everything I remembered from last year’s booth tour. Not only is the sculpting detailed, but the just evokes power.

Every year, I comment on the movement in these statues. They’re not like “action figures”—they’re truly art.

Frison’s Wonder Woman gives her a sense of movement, almost as though she’s standing on a cliff overlooking a kingdom, planning to protect it.

My 10-year-old, when asked what they liked, said, “It’s like the wind is blowing. Her hair looks like it’s moving.”

The attention to detail—locks of her hair blowing independently, her cape billowing out behind her—all of this adds a sense of motion to a still statute.

All the Power – All the Detail

Wonder Woman Jenny Frison

The sense of motion alone would be enough for me, but Frison goes even further than just an active female hero.

The sculpting details give Wonder Woman a sense of power and intelligence. Wonder Woman’s stance and the way she holds her spear show her strength and resolve. Each muscle, taught and well-defined, is sculpted to perfection. The heroine stands observing, but ready to act at any moment.

Wonder Woman’s face, however, is what defines the statue. Her eyes, staring into the distance, almost seem to be squinting slightly, as though she needs to think carefully about what she sees. She is at the ready, but she also needs to consider the best plan of action.

Jenny Frison Just “Gets” Wonder Woman

All of these details prove that Frison understands our superheroine on a personal level.

Wonder Woman represents everything kind, intelligent, and powerful about womanhood. Frison manages to capture all of these qualities to perfection. Each detail, each nuance brings out another aspect of the heroine. Wonder Woman’s crown is shaded, showing how her hair creates a shadow. Her mouth is just slightly pursed, not frowning but not smiling, showing her deep in thought. Her hand holds her spear—not tightly clutching it, but with enough strength and detail to show that she’s not just holding it loosely.

How to Order Jenny Frison’s Wonder Woman Statute

The Designer Series Jenny Frison Wonder Woman will be on sale starting July 2019. The $150 price point makes sense—the artistic quality and nature of the statue live up to the price.

For Wonder Woman fans, this statue is a must have. She’s inspiring and powerful, as the longest-running heroine should be. And yes, she stands, poised, in my office. Always ready to help me write and fight against writer’s block.

DC Collectibles sent a free copy of this for review purposes. The thoughts and comments in this article are mine. 

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  1. I didn’t like the movie Wonder-Woman, because they made a make-uped model from Diana, which it is far from being. But the statuette is pretty. Although she does not transmit all the power that Diana possesses.

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