History Heroes Space, Image: Sophie Brown

Apollo 50th: ‘History Heroes: Space,’ An Educational Card Game for All

History Heroes Space, Image: Sophie Brown
History Heroes Space, Image: Sophie Brown

History Heroes: Space is a card game for ages eight plus that teaches kids and adults about all aspects of space exploration. It is part of the award-winning History Heroes series and can be combined with cards from other decks.

The History Heroes series is a brilliant range of card games that cover a wide variety of topics. We have previously looked at the Women and Scientists decks on GeekMom, and the Space deck is one of two new releases (the other being History Heroes: London), both of which have been designed in conjunction with the Science Museum.

Sample History Heroes: Space Cards, Image: Sophie Brown
Sample History Heroes: Space Cards, Image: Sophie Brown

Every card in History Heroes: Space features a person, animal, or object related to space. The vast majority of cards are for individual people, but there are also some animals, spacecraft, and even a card for the Solar System as a whole. Each card includes six facts and one Joker Fact about its subject, two green-level “easy” facts, two yellow-level “medium” facts, and two red-level “hard facts.” This traffic light system allows the game to be played by people of different knowledge levels.

History Heroes: Space has a number of different ways to play. The core game involves players reading out facts from a card to another player who must guess which person, animal, or thing the card is describing. The choice of which facts to read out is down to the player holding the card, but to make it fair, green facts can be read first to younger children with yellow and red facts read first to adults and experts. If the guessing player guesses correctly, they win the card.

Other variant games for include using the cards to play charades, memory games, or to have a hot air balloon debate. The cards are designed to be intentionally vague about how they are used so players can be creative with them and come up with their own games or other ways to use them.

Sally Ride Card, Image: Sophie Brown
Sally Ride Card, Image: Sophie Brown

There could be some debate as to whether certain cards should have been included in this deck. While names like Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin, and John F Kennedy all have strong links to space, other cards such as Walt Disney might have people scratching their heads, however, the facts listed on his card support his inclusion. I was also pleased to note that Wernher von Braun’s card did not totally gloss over his links to the Nazi party during World War II as so many other books and games aimed at children do.

History Heroes: Space is a fantastic addition to the History Heroes range of games and will help young and old alike learn more about space, the people who inspired us to go there, and the people who went there themselves.

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