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I try to eat breakfast before Alice wakes up. During the day I wait until nap time for lunch. Even salad isn’t safe…

Don’t get me wrong – I love that my kid loves me and I love that she likes to eat what I cook. She will devour half a pound of shrimp, asparagus, black beans, garlicky broccoli, and then polish off Papa’s plate too before scrounging around on Dad’s. I eat in my bedroom most of the time. Why? Because I am with Alice all day long and the last thing that I want is for her to get in the habit of ONLY eating off of a plate that is not her own. That cannot become a thing. I won’t let it.

In other food related news, Wayne took Alice to work this week where he runs activities for preschool and elementary school aged children. He ran a “Fear Factor” night with all the kids. They had to put their hands in ice water, taste test baby food, and drink straight lemon and lime juice. And then came the pièce de résistance challenge; roasted crickets in a variety of fun and popular flavors. While other kids dared to try one small insect, Alice happily munched on half a package of bacon flavored crickets. She and one other small child had no reservations about the snacks in front of them. I think that’s awesome.

I’ve been blessed with a fearless child who is willing to try most anything. She knows what she likes. She just happens to prefer to eat it off of my plate.

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