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We all have sad days. Days where we can’t get out of the funk that we woke up in. Days where the world feels overwhelming and we just don’t have the energy to face it head on. Days when we need a rest.

Depression sucks. Not being in the moment, lacking presence in the present, sucks. There is no FOMO here. I really do miss out on life when I have sad days. I miss out on playing with my kid and meeting with friends. I miss out on the happiness that I fight hard for, every day. The world continues spinning without me when I’m too stuck in my head to climb out of my cocoon.

Today I’m okay. I’m (relatively) productive. I have appointments with my talk therapist and my new psychiatric nurse practitioner who is helping me find the right combo of medication and life changes to keep me more on track with where I want to be. This isn’t a new journey for me. It’s an old hat at this point in my life. But just because I have experience dealing with my particular mental illness doesn’t mean that it doesn’t suck. I still have my sad days. Maybe you do too.

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