Aksys Games Invites Your Family to ‘Fun! Fun! Animal Park’


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This is a sponsored post by Aksys Games.

When I think of Aksys Games, my thoughts often turn to classics like BlazBlue and Guilty Gear—not to mention Nintendo DS favorites From the Abyss and 999—but there’s more to the publisher than 2D fighters and niche Japanese adventures. Aksys Games’ latest Nintendo Switch release is actually a light and breezy family title perfect for the parents of younger gamers, Fun! Fun! Animal Park.

Positioning itself as a mini-game collection for the masses, Fun! Fun! Animal Park wraps 30 intuitive, motion-controlled activities in a child-friendly, budget-priced package. Hosted by a pair of chatty puppets, an adorable lion and rabbit that help explain control schemes and provide some running commentary, it’s a too-cute affair that’s both fun to play and just to watch.

You’ll race pigs, fetch Frisbees with dogs, and even get in a little penguin curling (a personal favorite), all using the easy-to-understand and surprisingly responsive motion controls compliments of the Nintendo Switch’s twin Joy-Con controllers. This makes it a perfect fit for the system because, while there are a handful of single-player activities available in Solo Mode, Fun! Fun! Animal Park is tailor-made for two.

One Match Mode lets you and an opponent play your preferred activity in one standalone round, but the real fun is found in the core Tour Mode. Hop a trail around the Animal Land, complete with intermittent stops to engage in a little head-to-head gaming. Whichever players can earn the most coins wins, but with varying control styles and opportunities to multiply your winnings, it’s anyone’s game.

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With a solid two-player focus, charming visual presentation, and intuitive controls, Fun! Fun! Animal Park is as perfect for shared gaming time as it is keeping the little ones occupied on road trips. Of course, mom and dad will want to play too.

The intentionally limited timeframe inherent in the mini-game collection combined with the play-and-pass nature of Switch Joy-Cons makes Fun! Fun! Animal Park an easy game to share, and with dozens of activities featuring everyone’s favorite critters, watching and waiting your turn is also fun and easy. Best of all, unlike a trip to your local zoo, Fun! Fun! Animal Park is priced at a wonderfully affordable $29.99.

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Available now both as a physical release and via the Nintendo Switch eShop, Fun! Fun! Animal Park is a virtual summer trip not to be missed.

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