Ryan Stars in ‘Ryan’s Mystery Playdate,’ A Preschool Game Show on Nick Jr.

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Yes, that is correct. Ryan from Ryan’s Toy Review, along with his parents, launched a new show geared toward preschoolers called Ryan’s Mystery Playdate. It’s a show where Ryan and his parents solve puzzles and play games to figure out who he gets to play with at the end.

If you have a child who has used any screen in the past three years, you probably already know who Ryan is. For those that don’t, Ryan is a seven-year-old boy and one of the top paid YouTube stars. Started in 2015, Ryan’s Toy Review now has 19 million subscribers and is known by kids far and wide for his silly games and a never-ending stream of toys. His YouTube channel, which also features his parents and twin younger sisters, was accurately described as “part un-boxing channel, part family vlog” by Forbes.

The show gives off a children’s Double Dare vibe, except instead of family’s competing against each other, it is one family playing similar type games and challenges. Ryan and his parents do activities such as rolling around on whoopee cushions and squirting shaving cream at each other. The show brings us all the things our children love about Ryan’s videos—the costumes, games, sound effects, and cheesy computer graphics—without the headache that comes along with parental controlling the two YouTube apps.

Making $22 million last year, Ryan Toy Review channel and toy line is loved by children all over, with some of his videos having well over a million views. Algorithms are not perfect. There are many times when my children would start off watching something innocent, like Ryan’s channel, and end up somewhere I don’t want them to be. The YouTube Kids app was a nice idea but, unfortunately, is far from perfect.

Ryan’s Mystery Playdate brings a nice compromise for kids who love Ryan and parents who could do without the hassle of YouTube Kids. You can catch Ryan’s Mystery Playdate every Friday on Nick Jr. @ 12:30 P.M. Eastern.

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