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Thre’s just so many flavors that it’s hard to decide!

For reals, though? This is my mantra when I worry about how other people will judge me on my parenting. If I don’t want Alice to eat a bunch of junk food all day, even on a special occasion, that’s my decision. If I want to give her the freedom to run 20 feet away from me in the fenced-in neighborhood playground, that’s my decision too. Yeah, she may have pushed her cup at the bigger kids in the Wee Ones playgroup, but she was just offering them juice. That’s what new friends do, right? Share juice?

I painted her nails the other day. She saw me doing it and wanted her nails painted as well. She sat patiently, deciding on a bright Minnie Mouse pink, and she didn’t even try to touch them as they dried. I know there are people who would tell me that I should have used special nail polish rather than the kind I use on myself. Maybe some people think that a two-year-old is too little for painted fingernails.

I’m the parent. It’s my decision. And we had a nice little mother-daughter moment that I will cherish forever.

Oh yeah, and “chuck it in the F-it bucket” … that’s a good mantra too.

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