Batman 1000 Giveaway

EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY: “Detective Comics #1000” Nicola Scott Variant Cover

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Batman 1000 Giveaway

We are gearing up for possibly the most iconic issue in DC history… oh, let’s say it. In COMIC BOOK history. We’re celebrating 80 years of Batman and 1,000 issues of Detective Comics!

No matter what you say about comic books and superheroes, Batman is the beacon that lights up their sky! And this is the celebration of all comic book celebrations: An EXCLUSIVE DETECTIVE COMICS #1000 GIVEAWAY!!

Previously in DC Comics…

When Action Comics hit the big 1000, DC brought together its favorite artists to produce a range of variant covers. Some of the variant covers were offered exclusively at various stores as part of their celebrations. And while I was lucky enough to do my happy dance at Kings Comics with a signed Nicola Scott/Annette Kwok cover, I knew there were many fans around the world who were missing out.

Batman 1000 giveaway
Did I mention there was cake?

I swore the next time would be different.

Batman Looks Good For 80

Nicola Scott is doing it again. Nicola has teamed up with Annette, DC Comics, and Kings Comics to produce another gorgeous variant cover to celebrate 1000 issues of the Batman. Just like Superman’s cover, Batman gets to show off his most memorable costumes from over his 80-year history. It’s a great tribute to the long history. This special variant cover is available exclusively to Kings Comics.

… And one lucky GeekMom reader.

Batman 1000 giveaway

That’s right, folks! The team at Kings Comics have generously offered up ONE (1) SIGNED COPY of the Nicola Scott/Annette Kwok variant cover for Detective Comics #1000. This includes postage worldwide.

Competition is now CLOSED.

Thanks to everyone who entered. The Winner is Denise M. from Burbank, California (USA)!!

Pre-Orders Are Open

If you missed out on the competition, you can still pre-order the exclusive variant cover directly from Kings Comics–they even have special pre-order discounts available. Detective Comics #1000 is available for AUD$29.95 / USD$22 (plus postage). Or you can by both Detective Comics #1000 AND Action Comics #1000 (Exclusive Nicola Scott Var Ed) for AUD $57.95 / USD $42 (plus postage).

For those lucky enough to be in Sydney (Australia), Nicola and Annette will be in store on Saturday, March 30 from 12 pm to 4 pm to sign your copies. There are other variant covers available; check with your local comic bookstore to see what they have in stock or head over to the official DC site.

Batman 1000 Giveaway




Psst!! I heard whispers of a matching Wonder Woman picture, available on Nicola’s personal art website. Let’s see who scores the trifecta:

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3 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY: “Detective Comics #1000” Nicola Scott Variant Cover

  1. I think my favourite issue is Detective Comics 602. It had Etrigan in it! Saw it on a spinner rack in a convenience store when I was a kid and got hooked on comics for life.

  2. Hard to choose just one, but I kind of appreciated the Elseworlds Batman/GL crossover. I also appreciated the whole “Bane” saga all the way through.

    For TV, I really liked Batman Beyond and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. TAS was cool, but the futuristic Batman Beyond and the light-hearted BBB were both pretty cool.

  3. I wish I could remember the issue number, but it was from the 90s. There was a one-shot story where the killer was “filing” all the bodies according to their Dewey Decimal Number, which for some reason really amused the librarian in me.

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