Broken iPads \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

Top 10 Things an Otterbox Will Not Protect Your Phone From

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Broken iPads \ Image: Dakster Sullivan
A couple of broken iPads. The iPad on the left was previously in an Otterbox. \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

As a network admin who is also in charge of company phones and iPads, I see our devices get tested to the max. Over the course of 10 years, I’ve come up with a list of things that even an Otterbox will not protect your phone from. I might be laughing now, but I promise you the employee who turned it in wasn’t at the time.

Disclaimer: Otterbox does not advertise that their product will protect your device from the following stupidity.

Let’s begin.

An Otterbox will not protect your phone from…

  1. Being crushed by a crane
  2. Dropping a drill on the screen
  3. Being whacked with a steel pipe
  4. Running over it with a riding lawnmower
  5. Driven over, multiple times, by vehicles on a major road
  6. Falling off a motorcycle on a major highway at highway speeds
  7. Riding your ATV through a swamp and tipping over with your phone in your pocket
  8. Dropping it on a condenser (that big piece of AC equipment that sits outside your house)
  9. Being left on top of a truck at a gas station then driven over by that same truck at the gas station
  10. Falling out of someone’s pocket while riding Rip Ride Rocket Rollercoaster at Universal Orlando (this was prior to the new rule about nothing being allowed in your pockets before riding)

BONUS! An Otterbox will also not protect your phone from an actual otter.

Do you have a phone horror story? Share with us in the comments.

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    1. Same here. Otterboxes are bulky for my personal use, but work requires them. I’ll look up the Rhinoshield!

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