DIY EDM Character Mini Masks of Marshmello and Others

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Electronic Dance Music (EDM) DJs and musicians are the cosplayers of the music world. Try your hand at making their masks. Image: Lisa Tate

I  recently learned one of my nephew’s favorite cartoon “characters” is… wait for it… Marshmello!

Yes, the EDM (electronic dance music) megastar has not just a following for his music, but for this identity-hiding mask.

You know what? I get it. You may argue EDM isn’t the best music in the world, but it is fun and celebratory, and those who present it take on some colorful and recognizable personas. Marshmello made the cover 2018 Forbes magazine’s “30 Under 30” issue, has appeared in the game Fortnite, and did a DuckTales family crossover with his hit “Fly.”

Let’s take advantage of these musical alter egos to make a fun EDM mask-inspired piece featuring some of the acts I’m most familiar with including Marshmello, DeadMau5 (who I think everyone knows), the futuristic Daft Punk, and pop-culture mash-up master Pogo. Granted, Pogo is unmasked, but his bunny “Pogo logo” is so stinkin’ cute it fits well.

You’ll need some plain white bakeable polymer clay and different colored craft or acrylic paint to get started.

For each of these, we’re starting with a plain orb ball about the size of a table tennis ball.

For Marshmello

Building your Marshmello. Cut a flat side in the back (right), if you want, for easier mounting on a flat surface.

Roll the ball in your hands to make a wide tube. Gently flatten it at each end to make it look like a marshmallow.

Add his eyes by drawing an “X” and filling in an upside-down irregular heart shape in the bottom part, then add his mouth with black craft paint or felt tip marker. Don’t do any painting on any of these designs until after they have been baked (according to the clay’s instructions) and cooled.

Draw an “X” and fill the bottom half in with an upside-down heart for the eyes.

For DeadMau5

Once you’ve rolled your design into a ball, us a toothpick to draw a big half circle mouth, with the top of the mouth running right around the orb’s “equator.”

Next, make one small ball and cut in it half. Place the halves on the top part of the main orb for eyes.

For his ears, make two flat discs, and elongate them just slightly, placing them about where each eye is.

DeadMau5 has several mouse head designs, so you can design or color these as you want. Most of these designs have a distinct “X” over each eye.

Just a small sample of Deadmou5’s colorful mask variations found from a quick image search.

For Daft Punk

We’re going to make some stylized, easy versions of this duo’s helmets. Make each ball you start out with tapered a little at one end. You can flatten the ends a little if you want.

Each Daft Punk helmet has its own personality, even in the simplest form.

For the first helmet, make two flat earpieces for the sides. Paint this one gold after baking, and add a large black area to the center.

For the second helmet, add a strip across the middle for a “visor” and two small flat discs for earpieces. Paint this one silver, and add some sparkly red or black to the visor.

daftpaintFor Pogo

Cut about a third of the orb off the top, and squash the large piece into an oval. Divide the other piece in half and roll into two elongated oval “ears.”

Pogo’s logo has just three parts: the head and two ears.

Paint the center of the ears with pink, yellow, and light blue colors, and paint a small oval shape on the head that where the “eyes” would be. This bunny is often seen both in black and white, so the eyepiece can be painted in black, white, or one of the three “ear” colors. The ear center colors are the same, regardless of the color of the bunny.

The painted DeadMau5 and Pogo.

To display them, glue each on a piece of canvas, heavy cardboard, or wood. Add a few sequins or jewels for a dance party look.

These can also be used individually for cards, magnets, jewelry, or whatever tickles one’s fancy. Remember, Marshmello even teamed up with popular group Bastille recently to let us know he wants us all to be “Happier!”

Little Marshmello and Deadmau5 jewelry. Image: Lisa Tate
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