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This year celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Portable North Pole: they have partnered with Walmart to offer a line of toys and plush that will bring magic for Christmas.

The Portable North Pole enables Santa to send a personalized video or phone call to your child and to adults too! It’s a really fun way to interact with Santa. Since my kids were old enough, they have received at least one message every year to tell them to keep up the good work or to give them a little challenge for the year to come.

For this review I have received four of the items that have been available since November 1st in  Walmart stores in the US (they are not available in Canada except for the Twenty Four Sleeps Until Santa storybook):

The Do-Good Elf

Do Good Elf

He is just the right size to sleep with your kid and is soft with poseable limbs. He wants the kids to teach him how to be a good elf and learn the right from the wrong. He is my youngest’s favorite and he loves to tell him stories. He comes with four personalized messages and retails for $24.95.

Karamelli Santa’s Sweetest Baby Reindeer Plush

This one is by far our favorite in the house! It’s soft, just the right size for the kids to sleep with, and he is really cute! My oldest adopted him as soon as he saw it come out of the box, and he sleeps every night with it. We are inventing a little story about the little reindeer that will one day be on the sleigh team. It costs $12.95 and comes with a personalized message.

Twenty Four Sleeps Until Santa Christmas Storybook

In this story, you get to meet the elves that are helping Santa in his workshop or taking care of the Reindeer. You also have to find some magic keys that are hidden in the pages. It can be read all at once or one page per day until Christmas. It will become our routine to read it before going to bed, and since it’s a big text it will help the kids practice their reading skills. This one is available in French and is the only one available in Canada. It retails for $12.99.

Letters to Santa Kit

This kit is really fun to do! You receive a letter with some pre-written sentences to complete, an envelope, some stickers, and an official North Pole post office stamp and ink pad to send the finished letter to Santa. And, when you receive your answer from Santa, the letter is included in it!

All of these products include a personalized message from Santa himself and were a huge success in our house. The kids really enjoy them!

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