Scottevest Sandy Skirt: Style, Comfort, and Four Roomy Pockets!

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The Sandy Skirt. Image: Scottevest

It’s no secret that women’s clothes often come with tiny, useless pockets, if you’re lucky to have pockets at all. So I pay attention to the few brands that target women who actually like to carry things on their person. Scottevest is one of those brands. Most of their clothes are fairly utilitarian, despite still being flattering, but lately they’ve come out with some more stylish clothes for women.

Scottevest is known for their vests and coats and other clothes that sometimes have dozens of pockets. I already have several of their garments that fit that description. They also make a few kinds of garments, including for the ladies, that only have a few pockets. They’re the right pockets, however–sensible and useful pockets that have enough room to carry things that women actually carry.

Image: Scottevest

I recently got to try one of their newest products, the Sandy Skirt, which fits this category. The Sandy skirt is a soft, knit A-line skirt that comes to the middle of the knee. It’s got a flattering shape, yet is still stretchy and comfortable. Since it’s knit, it has less structure than a woven fabric would have, but it doesn’t wrinkle; it would be the perfect travel skirt. And you know what goes well while traveling? Pockets.

The Sandy skirt has only four pockets. That’s a pretty low number for a Scottevest product, but it’s got the right pockets, as far as I’m concerned. It has two side zippered pockets that are large and deep. The skirt looks best while these are zippered, as the nice shape and line are maintained. But behind their slim slippers, the pockets are deep. My straightened hands go down in them past my wrists. My iPhone SE fits in them with no problem. I think I could fit three of my phone in each of them, actually.

Stealthy side pockets. Image: Scottevest

In addition to those two perfect pockets, there are two smaller pockets on the inner portions of the waistband. One is in the front, slightly to the left. It will fit money, credit cards, and a license, or maybe an original iPod–something of that size. There is also one inside the middle back waistband. This pocket is larger than the one in the front, and it could hold most cell phones or other items of that size.

The waistband is similar to the one in the Margaux Cargaux pants that I previously reviewed here at GeekMom. It is made to hold onto your body while you fill the pockets in the garment. It’s a stretchy but not adjustable waist. I find it functional and comfortable, if not the cleanest look.

A bit of advice from me after having tried two of their products now with this more unusual waistband: if you’re between two of their sizes, order down. The stretchy waist will accommodate you, whereas ordering up may just make your clothes fall down. I found this kind of waist incredibly comfortable, but I think it works slightly better in a skirt than it does in pants. And there are no belt loops in case it’s too large.

Are there any drawbacks to the Sandy Skirt? A couple of small ones, perhaps. The skirt can be slightly (and only slightly) static-y in dry weather—which Arizona has a lot of—but for most locations, this won’t be a problem. I also wonder if it will pill once washed quite a lot, but it hasn’t pilled yet, and the Scottevest folks have tested it on their end through many, many washings. The skirt, in its softness, also holds onto lint, cat hair, and food crumbs. But they also shake off or rub off just as easily.

So, my assessment is that Scottevest’s Sandy Skirt is a solid buy. It is comfortable, great for travel, looks great, and has very functional pockets (but not too many). You can ball it up and it doesn’t wrinkle. And its slightly flared A-line shape is flattering on most people.

The Sandra Skirt. Image: Scottevest

If you like the look of the Sandy skirt but need or want your skirt to be a bit longer, check out the Sandra Skirt. (See what they did there?) It goes down to mid-calf and would work well in a more professional setting.

I’m so pleased that Scottevest continues to develop their line of clothes for women. The market is out there for quality, versatile, and stylish clothing, yet with completely functional pockets. I’m glad they’re helping to meet the demand.

The Sandy Skirt is normally $70, but right now is on sale for $55. The Sandra Skirt is similarly on sale, now for $60 down from the regular $85. I’m not sure how long this sale will last, so give it a look. The Sandy is my new favorite skirt.

Note: I received a sample for review purposes.

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