Give the Gift of STEM With UBTECH’s BuilderBots: Overdrive Kit

Dig Into STEM Learning and Robotics with UBTECH’s All-New BuilderBots: Overdrive Kit

Being a GeekParent (or the parent of a geek child) can make shopping for the holidays a challenge. Finding the perfect balance of entertainment and interesting challenge is not an easy task. This can be especially difficult when your budding geekling is at the early learning stage. Fortunately, UBTECH has you covered with the JIMU Robot BuilderBots Series: Overdrive Kit, a new robot building kit that offers a fun, hands-on introduction to STEM learning and early programming concepts.

The JIMU Robot BuilderBots Series: Overdrive Kit is a huge starter set of robot building fun with over 400 parts. This kit comes with instructions for 2 robots, though kids can also let their imaginations run wild and change up the designs or create their own entirely from scratch. The best part is that, while this kit is designed for ages 8-14, it requires no previous experience with building or exposure to programming concepts. This is the perfect balance of fun interactive toy and an entry-level STEM learning tool.

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The JIMU Robot BuilderBots Series: Overdrive Kit is more than just a static building kit. It also comes with a combination of servo motors, DC motors, RGB lights, and a control box. That’s right—this kit allows for the creation of robots that actually move, and that is something for a kid to get excited about. UBTECH makes this more than just an exercise in building. This is a truly engaging creation experience.

The JIMU Robot BuilderBots Series: Overdrive Kit comes with an application for both IOS and Android that allows the child direct control over their robotic creation. It has a built-in joystick along with pre-programmed actions, which let users manually control the robots’ functions. Your future engineer can take it to the next level with the built-in Blockly coding interface. This allows users to visually define simple programs for their creation using puzzle-type code blocks. This is the type of early exposure to programming concepts that gives children a leg up on their future. The use of these blocks allows new coders to visually see how the code components interconnect and interact.

Your child need no exposure to programming to get started with this kit. The app includes a set of lessons that kids can follow to explore and learn the Blockly coding interface. This provides kids who have never programmed before an opportunity to get their feet wet and learn the basic concepts without being overwhelmed. Once you budding builder is comfortable with coding, they can share their programs with the app community and make new friends.

JIMU Robot BuilderBots Series: Overdrive Kit comes with instructions for 2 robots but allows children to design their own as well.

While the JIMU Robot BuilderBots Series: Overdrive Kit is designed for beginners, once your child has mastered it UBTECH doesn’t leave them wanting for bigger challenges. They encourage the growth not only with the re-programmability of their Builderbots, they also offer the AstroBot Series: Cosmos Kit for children who are eager for the next challenge.

JIMU Robot BuilderBots Series: Overdrive Kit comes with instructions for 2 robots but allows children to design their own as well.

This kind of hands-on exploration provides better engagement than sitting in a classroom and offers the rewarding experience of creation. The JIMU Robot BuilderBots Series: Overdrive Kit offers hours of creative fun time while still teaching early programming concepts. Remember, there are 52 days left until Christmas, so it’s a good time to get a jump on that Christmas list.

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