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Indiegogo Alert! Design Your Workout or Offer Classes With MūvWell

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Image: MuvWell

Despite the many great workout and exercise videos available, inevitably you’ll still need to tweak what you find to suit your needs. Maybe you love your yoga videos, but your wrists just can’t take all that downward dog. Or you’ve found a great 7-minute workout, but your knees just can’t take all the squats (and there are always squats).

MūvWell is working to develop an app platform to make it easy to create and share personalized workout videos, and their campaign just launched yesterday on Indiegogo. Like an a la carte for your exercise routines, instructors upload their classes, and those working out can take the class, or tailor classes to fit their needs. It will benefit both those who teach fitness classes and those who like to take them.

Check out their video describing the app service.

MūvWell promises to be a great way to take a fitness class without having to leave your house, which can be time consuming, and, let’s face it, we don’t all love exercising in front of other people. Plus, this means all of your workout routines will be portable as well.

Image: MuvWell
Image: MuvWell

As a bonus, the app platform will have an anatomical information library that will show what your body does as you do your exercises. You’ll also be able to measure your fitness goals and track your progress.

Check out their Indiegogo campaign for their development timeline and complete description of what MūvWell will have to offer fitness instructors and those looking for a customized workout. Their website also has more information.

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