‘Exorsisters #2’: Proof You’re Not Parenting as Badly as You Think

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'Exorsisters #2' is available in both print and digital
‘Exorsisters #2’ is available in both print and digital

Exorsisters #2

MAJK’s Age Recommendation: 16 and above. Exorsisters #2 deals with some adult themes. There is cartoon violence, domestic violence is referenced, and there is some strong language.

Other Info: In case it’s not obvious from the title Exorsisters (hey, you never know), this comic deals with/discusses/makes you laugh at occult themes. Also, I don’t recommend you drink coffee or soda while reading this comic… you might wind up with it on your screen or book. Just saying.

The Story So Far:

If you haven’t read Exorsisters #1 then you need to hop out and grab it now. Wait! While you are at it grab Exorsisters #2.  Okay, now go. Shoo! I’ll wait right here. Back? You got it? You read it? Sweet! So now you know that after Kate and Cate outsmarted that jerk fiancée who’d sold out his girlfriend to a nasty little sorrow sucker their mom showed up. We also learned that Cate is not Kate’s twin sister… she’s her soul.

'Exorsister #2' Cover Art by Gisele Lagace, and Pete Pantazis
‘Exorsister #2’ Cover Art by Gisele Lagace, and Pete Pantazis

Written by Ian Boothby

Art by Gisele Lagace, Pete Pantazis

Cover by Gisele Lagace, Pete Pantazis

Variant Cover by Dan Parent

Series Rating: 5/5 Pull List Material

From MAJK’s Coffee & Comics Corner:

You know those times when you feel like a crappy parent because a choice you made thinking it was the right one turned out wrong or made you kiddo mad? Yeah, me too. Keep Exorsisters #2 around for those days when, even though you are doing your best, things just don’t go right. Why? Because in Exorsisters #2, we learn a lot about Kate’s mom and she makes all of us look pretty good as parents.

Warning: If you have not read Exorsisters #2, There May Be Spoilers Below.

'Exorsisters #2' Variant Cover Art by Dan Parent
‘Exorsisters #2’ Variant Cover Art by Dan Parent

First thing we see in Exorsisters #2 is Kate and Cate, helping out a poor stressed out mom. This woman’s daughter is practically frozen with fright sitting on her bed. Turns out this little girl’s dad is possessed. How do we know? Well, he’s  hanging from the ceiling for starters. He’s also making psycho eyes at his daughter. Gross! The kid has been telling her mom this was happening. Mom wrote it off to a nightmare the kid was having… umm, how did you not look at the ceiling? Let’s go a tad further, Mama Oblivious, how did you not notice creepy possessed Dad was missing from your room at night? Also, this dude looks strung out so his look kind of gives it away. I mean really, Lady, when do you start asking questions about these things?

Sure, I was so busy this morning that I fed my kid his favorite donuts for breakfast and let him watch Scooby Doo reruns while he ate but you know what? My husband is not terrifying my child into catatonic shock each night while I dismiss it as a nightmare. I’m looking pretty stellar next to Mama Oblivious here. Okay, okay… at least she finally got some help. Naturally, the Harrow girls have this covered. Cate kicks butt while Kate does the brain work. Teamwork and poof! Happy family again. Kate does bring up a very important question though How does Cate never get dirty in these tussles?

Hell Parent

Then we get to Kate’s mom. She takes the prize, literally. In Exorcsisters #1, she was in a bar where she bet this random guy a bottle of Jack that she’d done something worse than him. He didn’t believe her—I see why. That loser killed a kid and his dog while drunk which is pretty foul. The fact he’s now back in a bar makes me seriously question his life choices. Then Mom whispered in his ear what is was she had done. Dude, he was out of there faster that you could pour a shot. Like me, you were probably wondering what she did wrong?

Well, in Exorsisters #2, we find out. It appears Mom got herself in a bit of a bind after Kate’s dad bailed and failed to pay child support. I’ll save the details because that’s a good chunk of this issue and it’s worth the read. You’ll sit there going, “No, that can’t be what I just read,” but it is. When Mom found out what was happening, I still had sympathy for her because, while she was stupid and desperate, she was not despicable. Then she found out that she had to pay the piper, and she opted to sacrifice her daughter to save herself. Basically jumping in to despicable with both feet. The result of her actions caused Kate and her soul to be separated. Umm… Yeah, no wonder Kate and Cate want nothing to do with her. I’m right there with them.

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Mom Needs Salvation

Now Mom is following the lovely Harrow Sisters about and begging them for her help. I can’t really blame Kate for brushing her off with, “Here’s our card. If you wind up in Hell, tear it in half, we’ll find you.” I mean, it’s still an offer of help. Once you hear what Mom did you can’t really feel bad for her. Mom’s still dodging responsibility and whining that it’s not her fault. I mean she even plugs her ears as the girls give the Cliff Notes version of how Cate came to be and, yeah, it was Mom’s fault. The girls are very matter of fact and vague about the whole thing but I’m hoping we get the full details of that little adventure in a later issue. Cate is pretty much my favorite but both girls rock.

In the meantime, if your kid is alive, fed, reasonably healthy, and their soul is not walking around outside their body—call it a win. You deserve it.

Having a crap day, and feeling grouchy? Flop on the couch or bed for as long as it takes to read Exorsisters #1 & Exorsisters #2. Then get up, hug your kid, remind yourself that you never sold your kid out to save yourself. Then get back in that parenting ring. You are awesome! Just ask me, I’ll tell you.

Best Line & Why

Best Line: “Did you ever see Pinocchio? You know why it’s the best of all the Disney movies? Because the villains get away with everything. It’s the most true to life.”

Why: Don’t think on this line too hard because he’s not wrong. It’s a disturbing bit of a Holy Crap! moment in this otherwise light-hearted comic. It packs a punch if you think about it.


Well, I’m going to go with the obvious for now—eventually, the lovely Harrow sisters break down and save dear ol’ mum. Now, I’d like to talk about that ending. I’m dying to find out who the creepy shadow at the end of this issue is. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve read it. If not, go read it. How does Mom know this… entity? Got an idea? I’m all ears. Well, not all ears but let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Next Issue: Exorsisters #3 December 19, 2018

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