‘Geekasaurus’ October 3rd, 2018 – Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi …

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So, I was on the floor changing a diaper as quickly as possible. My husband and I were starving and we were headed out to get burritos. I stood up. My tendon decided to not want to stand up. The tendon won.

I ended up experiencing a ridiculously sharp pain in my big toe. As in, I can’t walk on this. As in, “Ow, my mother flippin’ toe!” (only using much stronger language). As in, but what about the burritos? No burritos. Sad face.

I’ve decided after having a nice long “life sucks” pity party that this is a sign. A sign that I need to slow down for a bit.

A sign that I need to take care of myself. Problem is, I have an art reception on Friday and this was my prep week. Wanna know how hard it is to prep for an art reception while trying not to further injure yourself as you crutch around your non-handicapped accessible house? Hella hard.

Oh, and this is comic number 52. I’ve been making one comic a week every week for a whole year. I deserve a beer.

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