‘Avengers Halloween Special #1’ Is Full of Bloody Tricks and Dark Treats

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Avengers Halloween Special #1 is a Halloween Treat for Readers
Avengers Halloween Special #1 is a Halloween Treat for Readers

Avengers Halloween Special #1

Written by: Jay Baruchel, Gerry Duggan, Rob Fee, Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska, and More…
Art by: Laura Braga, Luca Pizzari, and Bob Quinn
Cover by: Geoff Shaw

“Here… there be monsters!” So starts the Avengers Halloween Special #1, out today.

This Halloween treat is definitively not for the faint of heart. Spanning the breadth of the Marvel Universe, these twisted tales offer stories that are more horror than heroic.

Five dark tales take the reader inside a world that answers questions you’ve probably never thought to ask.

Avengers Halloween Special #1 cover art, via Marvel Comics
Avengers Halloween Special #1 cover art, via Marvel Comics


Avengers Halloween Special #1 starts with a tale starring Daredevil or, more accurately, Matt Murdock. What if Matt Murdock could see but what he saw wasn’t reality? Would he know who was friend and who was foe? What if he couldn’t trust his eyes? It should be simple shouldn’t it? But it’s not.

Step inside see what happens when the “Man Without Fear” experiences true terror.

Fantastic Four

Have you ever wondered what happened to the Fantastic Four out in there in space? What if they were not simply transformed physically but were completely snatched from their bodies? What if Victor Von Doom was the only person who could tell? Who would believe him? This story explores what happens when the only person who knows the truth is the only person no one will believe.

Captain America and Deadpool

What if Captain America were truly evil? This is a tale of vicious battles and a horrific standoff. Starring Captain America, Tony Stark, Colossus, and everyone’s favorite “Merc with a Mouth” Deadpool this mini-horror story that evokes images of the IronMan /Captain American feud from MCU’s Civil War but more brutal.


Imagine if the Punisher were from Paris in the 1800’s. This tale offers readers an opportunity to see the Punisher like never before. A loving father and husband with a murdered family is the most dangerous creature on earth. Although set in a different time and a different place the underlying moral of the story is still the same – true love never dies.

Of Course, A Ghost Story

What would a Halloween comic be without a Ghost Story? Avengers Halloween Special #1 concludes with a truly spectacular ghost story. When a couple of kids take time out of treat or treating to explore an abandoned mansion that is rumored to be haunted, it’s a classic set-up. The twist – the Mansion is the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. Take a peek at what lurks in the darkness of a world without heroes.

Avengers Halloween Special #1 is available right now at your local comic shop and online at Marvel. Treat your self with Halloween and enjoy a bloody good time.

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