‘Geekasaurus’ September 5th, 2018 – Happy Anniversary

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Today is my anniversary! YAY! (Hi Wayne! Did you like the gift I got you? It’s pretty awesome, right? Oh, I haven’t given it to you yet? It’s in the basement on the top of the game shelf by the door in a red bag. Love you!)

Wayne and I have been married for 3 years. Here’s how the anniversaries have gone thus far.

Year 1 – I’m pregnant! Yay! It’s the best anniversary present ever! We were keeping it secret, just for a little while, and we kind of liked it; having a special secret between the two of us. I got emotional at the restaurant and the guy at the table behind us made rude comments about how we were taking photographs of our food and each other. I forever regret not saying something. But the food was delicious and we had a lovely anniversary regardless. I also remember puking. That was definitely a thing. Not from the food. It was the baby’s fault.

Year 2 – Uh … there was a baby. Everything is a blur. Did we eat food? I think we ate food. Oh, right, we had an AMAZING anniversary dinner with Alice at Pickity Place, which is where the Little Red Riding Hood Golden Book art was inspired. It was raining and we wandered around in the wet anyway to look at the gardens. Alice met her first slug.

And now it’s Year 3. Wayne has a tendency to keep things secret, but here’s what I do know: We’re going out to dinner at some point this afternoon before we head off to our Society of American Magician’s meeting. I made healthy snacks to bring to the meeting, INCLUDING cookies, because I’m awesome like that. Wayne is going to love his gift this year. I think. And right now he’s reading this comic which he didn’t know would be about our anniversary. I can be sneaky too.

Happy Anniversary, Wayne. You’re my favorite. I love you more than pizza. I love you more than scary books. I love you more than sleep (which is definitely saying something).

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