CKO Day 3 \ Image Dakster Sullivan

CKO Day 3: What’s My Focus?

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CKO Day 3 \ Image Dakster Sullivan
CKO Day 3 \ Image Dakster Sullivan

It’s back to class and back on my journey into the world of kicking anxiety with CKO Kickboxing. Class 3 was the most interesting and insightful of all so far.

The Instructor

Class #3 I had an amazing instructor named Audrey, who it turns out is a prescribing physician and was familiar with the prescriptions I’m on. She advised me to drink a lot of water during class because of the medications I’m taking.

The Oh Sh*t Moment

I wish I could say this class went as amazing as the rest but this was my first, oh sh*t moment because hours before class I took some bad advice from a book that caused me to have the worst class possible.

I lost track of how many times I wanted to throw up, cry, and break down in a panic attack. It wasn’t the instructor’s fault. It was mine. I was the product of bad advice, lack of research on my part, and did I mention bad advice?

You could say that the book has since made it’s way to the digital trash can.

Where Did I Screw Up?

In the world of fitness, there is more advice out there than you can shake a shake weight at. You have to find the book, trainer, and/or podcast that works for you. To start though, you need to figure out your focus on why you are on this journey. That is where I’ve screwed up.

I know what started me out on the journey to seek out CKO, but what got me looking for a weight loss book in the middle of it??

Was I looking for something to help me learn more about nutrition or was I looking for something to help me lose weight and look better?

Time For Soul Searching

This is where I had to do some soul searching and figure out where I actually wanted to go on this journey I’ve started out on.

I thought I had it figured out but maybe I don’t, or maybe I’ve already lost my way.

  • Is it about losing weight (I’ve gained quite a bit in these past few months…)?
  • Is it about learning self-defense?
  • Is it about my well-being?
  • Avoiding a bump up in my medication?
  • Is it about the fitness challenge my doctor put in my path?
  • Getting back into my armor (weight gain has caused my clone trooper to no longer fit)?
  • Looking good in my clothes?

Some soul searching later and I realized that it’s about all those things, but quite frankly I can’t go to class and focus on everything. I can’t expect these instructors to produce miracles. I need to pick a focus and let that focus drive me.

What’s My Focus?

So…what is my focus going to be? What is going to drive me to punch those bags and get me to do those crunches when I’m beaten to the ground and not wanting to crunch anymore?

The past three classes, one thing has been the same. When I felt like I couldn’t take anymore, and Amon or Nick or Audrey would yell out “Remember your Motivation” “You’ve Got This!” I saw one thing on the bag that kept me punching. Denal. Aayla. I kept punching for them.


My focus will be weight loss getting back into my costumes. Once that goal is achieved, I get to set a new one, and then a new one, and the journey continues.

Why Do I Love CKO?

I know I’m only three classes and three different instructors in, but I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying the world of CKO Orlando. The instructors have all been encouraging, patient, and motivating. The owner, Robert, remembers his patrons and calls them by name when they come into the gym.

It’s a judgment-free zone that encourages everyone and pushes you as far as you can go without pushing you too far. There’s no sales pitch, no “you need an upgrade to your gloves.” You come in, you work out, and you go home. Keep it simple. Get extraordinary results.

During class, I ask myself what the hell I’ve gotten myself into. After class, I’m bouncing up and down begging for more. It’s a healthy addiction that my doctor approves of.

Three classes in and I’m still pumped to return for the next one. So until next time…keep kicking.

Disclaimer: Dakster was given a set of passes to use to write up her posts. Full disclosure, she recently joined as a result of her experience.

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