Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: Anthony Hates Spoons


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Hates spoons? Really? Yes.

As parents we’re often bombarded with strange things our kids say. “Dad, let me ask you a question” is a statement that fills me with immediate dread. That could go anywhere. That’s why I like to control conversations with my kids. If If I’m in control… I’m in control. Much easier. I didn’t realize that spoons were a topic that would derail my guidance over conversations.

Sometimes, even when I guide the conversation, we go down a weird rabbit hole. One recent day I tried to get my 11 year old son to eat cereal (with milk). It sounds innocuous enough. But the conversation takes an odd turn when my son tells me about his irrational hatred of spoons. I had to stop talking with him and get the recorder out. This conversation needed to be preserved for all time.

Hilarity ensues. Easily one of our most random, and funny episodes. Usually our conversations revolve around a book or movie (or both, like Ender’s Game) or a specific activity (like eating tacos). But, when the main topic is hating spoons…

What about you? Any strange hatreds your kids have told you about? Any time you just sit at them slack jawed and wonder how, why, what??? Chime in on the comments and let me know!

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