3 Books to Stash In Your Kids’ Back-to-School Backpacks

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Whether your kids are stuck on a long bus ride to school or just like to take some time to themselves during the school day, there’s usually time to squeeze in a little bit of reading. And finding a new book in their backpack can add a nice surprise to the first few days back at school.

But what to read? It might a book about going back to school if they have the jitters themselves, or the newest installment in their favorite series, or even something completely new. Here are three picks that they’ll be thrilled to take back to school with them this September.

Mr. Wolf’s Class

A graphic novel following a fourth grade class on the first day of school, Mr. Wolf’s Class is a slice of life story that shows kids that the first day isn’t always perfect. Just like real life, sometimes kids oversleep, lose their lunch, accidentally step on each other’s feet, and more. Kids will probably be a little delighted to learn that even a teacher can get nervous sometimes, too.

Young readers will enjoy seeing characters on the colorful pages acting just like kids in real life, imperfect and quirky, with likes and dislikes all their own.

(Ages 7-10, Now available)

Dactyl Hill Squad

In this compelling historical fantasy, author Daniel Older combines American history and ancient history to tell a story that’s relevant today. And it’s a page-turner. If all of that sounds like a mouthful to describe to your kids, all you have to tell them is, “What if dinosaurs were still around during the Civil War?”

Dactyl Hill Squad answers that question by creating an America in the 1860s where domesticated dinosaurs serve humans in transportation, manual labor, and more. Older sets this fantastic idea against the backdrop of actual history, the New York City Draft Riots of 1863. I didn’t even know about this real-life uprising in Manhattan until I read this book—so there’s a lot to learn for grownups in this novel, too.

The book doesn’t completely shy away from slavery and its horrors, including a lynching, so take caution before introducing it to sensitive younger readers. Dactyl Hill Squad is an eye-opening, action-packed start to a compelling series.

(Ages 10+, September 11, 2018)

Amulet: Supernova

If your kids are already fans of Amulet, then all we have to tell you is “Book 8 is out in the September,” and that’s just about all you need to know. Amulet: Supernova, the second to last book in the amazing series, takes Emily and Navin to strange new places to save the planet Alledia—and themselves.

On the other hand, if your kiddos have never picked up an Amulet book before, they have eight books of incredible storytelling waiting for them! Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet follows siblings Emily and Navin as they search for a way to save their missing mother, a quest that takes them to places dangerous and unusual.

(Ages 8-12, September 25, 2018)

GeekMom received promotional copies from Scholastic for review purposes.

All Images: Scholastic

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  2. I enjoyed reading almost about all of these books but is it really worth to present a Dactyl Hill Squad for small kids? It seems to me very harsh according to the description and if to compare topics given before it seems to be very different.

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