Geek Daily Deals Jul. 6, 2018: Swiffer Room Air Purifier for $70


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Geek Daily Deals 070618 swiffer air purifierGeek Daily Deals – Cut down the dust and other allergens in the air around your house with this air purifier from Swiffer, for just $70 today!

Swiffer Continuous Clean Air System:

To be very clear, this isn’t an air purifier with HEPA-level cleaning technologies. The goal here is to reduce dust and dander in the air, but it doesn’t have any of that ultraviolet micron-level impurity-killing tech like the Molekule, or other fancy air purifiers. But maybe this is all you need to get a handle on the dust that accumulates from pets and kids, and for the price, it’s a lot more reasonable. Kind of amusing that a company built around products for dusting is selling a device to reduce the dust in your house.

  • KEEP YOUR HOME CLEAN 2x LONGER: Continuously vacuums dirt, dust and dander* from the air so room surfaces stay cleaner. Surfaces stay clean 2x longer, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.
  • WHISPER QUIET OPERATION: The Swiffer Continuous Clean operates in near silence, perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and nurseries.
  • PATENTED SWIFFER TECHNOLOGY uses Triple Layer Filtration to Trap+Lock™ away dirt, dust and dander* throughout the room. Great for pets!
  • KEEP COSTS LOW with replacement filters that sell for a fraction of the cost of more expensive HEPA filters. Filters will be available in August.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Package contains Swiffer Continuous Clean Air Cleaning Unit and 2 Triple Layer Filters. Average filter life is 30 days of use. SPECIAL BONUS PACK includes 2 additional bonus filters, for a total of 4 filters!

Get one for $70 today!

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