Review: Fog + Bubbles = Fobbles and Fobbles Means Fun


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Fobbles is a new machine that lets you add fog-filled bubbles to your party or holiday display for tons of fun!

As the official Griswold for our neighborhood, I love adding new gadgets to our Halloween and Holiday displays. I’ve had smoke/fog machines, which people love, and I’ve had bubble machines, which people love. So, when the Froggy’s Fog folks offered me their new Fobbles combination machine, I had to try it out.

Fog machines are pretty simple. They heat up a common glycol or glycerin solution that easily vaporizes and then turns into a white fog when it hits the air. Bubble machines usually use a spinning disk that dips open rings into a soapy bubble solution and then passes them in front of a powerful fan to generate the bubbles. What the Fobbles folks have done, that’s really inspired, is build these two processes in serial into one machine. Thus, the generated fog is then blown through the bubble rings to create fog-filled bubbles.

As you can see in the gif above, it really works well!

Fobbles Machine: Fog juice goes in the tank on the left.

What’s handy is that each of the two combined units will work by themselves as well. So you can make fog and haze (the difference is whether you have the machine blow the fog out or just let it waft out on its own), or you can let it make normal bubbles as well. But the combination of both is pretty fun.

The Fobbles machine comes with a 10′ wired controller, runs off a normal 110V outlet, and uses industry standard fog juice and bubble juice (available on Amazon or at your local Halloween/Spirit stores). The body is sheet metal, and it feels pretty sturdy—very comparable to other bubble or fog machines I’ve owned (how much of a geek am I that I can say that?). If you’re the kind of neighborhood Griswold who loves wacky holiday displays or adding cool features to kids’ parties, then you should check out the Fobbles machine!

It’s available on Amazon now for $125.

Note: Froggy’s Fog provided a unit for review.

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