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‘OK K.O. Let’s Be Heroes’–Introduce Kids to Superheroes

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Want to teach the kids about superheroes?

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes: T.K.O., which was released on DVD today, is an excellent place to start.

K.O., like many kids, wants to be a superhero.

But K.O.’s mother works in Lakewood Plaza, a shopping center frequented by superheroes and supervillains and so he’s more inspired than usual to get in on the action. The DVD episodes kick off with K.O.’s birthday. What does he want for a gift? Enough money to go to the store and outfit himself with all the best superhero gadgets.

Naturally, he and jumps into action when the villain attacks.

The result? K.O. can fight a supervillain, just not very well.

Naturally, however, K.O. never gives up and decides to learn how to be a good superhero. That includes getting a job at Gar’s Bodego and making new friends, Enid and Radicles, who learn to accept his endless enthusiasm and optimism.

For younger kids, the 18 ten-minute shorts that compromise most of this DVD are the perfect length and, once they’re hooked, they’ll appreciate the 22-minute special that’s also included. The episodes are fast-paced, action-packed, and have plenty of humor, though some of it may go over the heads of kids, particularly the jokes about the difficulties with customers and co-workers at the bodega. (Anyone who’s worked retail will enjoy it, however.)

Comic fans will also enjoy the send-ups of various superhero cliches, especially regarding supervillains.

The series was created by Ian Jones-Quartey, who was a supervising director on Steven Universe and a storyboard revisionist/supervisor on Adventure Time. I found the animation style to be similar to those shows, though OK K.O. is aimed at a slightly younger audience. The original minisode that kicked off the series is below, to give you a taste of it.

According to Cartoon Network, OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes series premiere was Cartoon Network’s highest-rated 2017 telecast for a Cartoon Network original series among kids 6-11.

I can see why.

The hero is appealing, the action is a ton of fun, and the supporting cast is a nice balance to K.O. I’m particularly taken by Enid, the cynical store employee/ninja who becomes something of a big sister to K.O.

The DVD is only $14.97 and I’d definitely recommend it not just for kids aged at least six years old but possibly a couple of years younger.

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a copy of this DVD to review. 

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