Adventure Time: Frost & Fire Is Three Hours of Family Fun

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Image: Turner Entertainment
Image: Turner Entertainment

Where are our Adventure Time fans? <Waves hi!>

This month Cartoon Network launched another themed DVD with Adventure Time: Frost & Fire, paying homage to the battle between the Ice King and Princess Flame in what’s been regarded as Adventure Time’s most popular episode, “Frost & Fire” from the end of Season 5.

While there are only a few episodes that truly feature the Ice King (“Frost”) and Princess Flame (“Fire”), Cartoon Network made sure to add several other popular episodes to round out the fun. These 16 episodes range from Seasons 1 through 6, and includes one of my own favorites, “Jake the Brick” from Season 6.

It also includes one of my not-favorite episodes, “Freak City” from Season 1. Where Finn is turned into a giant foot. Ew? But that’s okay, my sons love all of these episodes!

  • Frost & Fire (S5E30)
  • Earth & Water (S5E32) 
  • Jake the Brick (S6E20)
  • The Prince Who Wanted Everything (S6E9)
  • Something Big (S6E10)
  • Return to the Nightosphere (S4E5)
  • Daddy’s Little Monster (S4E6)
  • Joshua & Margaret Investigations (S6E16)
  • Davey (S5E7)
  • The Pit (S5E41)
  • Freak City (S1E20)
  • Memories of Boom Boom Mountain (S1E10)
  • James (S5E42)
  • Time Sandwich (S5E33)
  • Apple Thief (S3E11) 
  • Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe (S6E13) 

Something that I have grown to absolutely love about Adventure Time is the gorgeous artwork that appears in the title cards. My youngest son has been receiving Adventure Time calendars for the past three years, and the calendar pages feature seasonally-appropriate title cards. They are beautiful and worth this trip through Google Images to see them for yourselves.

Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time: Frost & Fire is available now on DVD at major entertainment retailers. It has a run time of 176 minutes and retails for $19.82, although as of this writing, Amazon is selling it for $11.99!

GeekMom received a copy of this product for review purposes.

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