Kickstarter Alert: Avazzy Smoothie Machine Brings You Fresh Without the Mess


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If you want great smoothies at home without wasting food, and cleaning up your blender every time, the Avazzy smoothie maker Kickstarter campaign is something you should check out!

This post was sponsored by Avazzy.

Smoothies are the perfect delivery device for healthy foods, letting you find the right mix of fruits and vegetables to make something that tastes good and is good for you. But they’re not easy to make at home without a lot of prep and clean-up, and they’re not cheap to buy.

Which is why the team at Avazzy has gone to Kickstarter to try and fund their solution to getting fresh, locally-sourced and made smoothies right in your kitchen. The Avazzy smoothie machine will take pre-made, frozen smoothie packages sent from the cafes and restaurants in your area, and move them from your freezer to your glass in a couple minutes with nothing to clean up but the empty package.

Why does Avazzy require no prep, no blender and no cleaning?

Avazzy is not a blender and does not use blades to make your smoothie. We simply use heat and gravity, which work with our uniquely designed smoothie packets that completely conceals the smoothie, and allows it to move from the packet to your cup, without ever touching the machine. Just toss the packet into your recycle bin when your drink is made.

This means, you can make a smoothie any time of day or night, without worrying about noise, prep work, spoiled food in the fridge or cleaning!

The Avazzy packet:

Avazzy lets you enjoy fresh smoothies at home without the cost and expense of purchasing fruit and vegetables from the supermarket and worrying about it going bad. Each Avazzy packet consist of two recyclable FDA approved 4oz. packets to create an enjoyable 8oz. glass within 3-6 minutes – As quickly as you can make a cup of coffee!

To make and distribute our packets to you, we are partnering with cafes and restaurants around the USA to provide you locally sourced and distributed smoothies. Your smoothies will NEVER be made at a facility thousands of miles away!


The lure of the Avazzy smoothie maker is the time it’ll save you, from going to the store to buy ingredients, to measuring and prepping them, to cleaning up the blender afterwards. On top of that, you’re not wasting any ingredients by overbuying and letting them spoil, and you’re saving the water you’d waste cleaning up the blender every single time you wanted a smoothie.

If you’re spending $10 a week at a smoothie shop, where you usually have to wait 10 minutes or more at a time to get your smoothie, it’s easy to see how getting your smoothies delivered to your home and making them yourself from pre-made packets in your own smoothie machine will save you both time and money, and make the Avazzy pay for itself inside the first year.

If you’re a smoothie fan, you should go check the Avazzy Kickstarter campaign out right now!

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