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Zoggs DC SuperheroParents in the UK have almost certainly heard of Zoggs. If you’ve taken a child swimming, the chances are you’ve bought goggles, swim hat, a float, or some sort of swimming paraphernalia. The chances are also very high that whatever you bought was made by Zoggs. Swimming equipment is often very utilitarian. Goggles that do the job, but look like, well, swimming goggles. Plain colored hats that keep hair dry but don’t inspire. Now that’s all set to change. Prepare for a summer of superhero swimming with the Zoggs DC Superhero Range!

What Is the Zoggs DC Superhero Range?

In short, it’s a range of swimwear aimed at children that features the logos of the more famous members of the Justice League. If your children are looking for Superman goggles, a Wonder Woman swim hat, or a pair of Bat-trunks, these are the products for you! Note: Zoggs currently only distributes in the UK, but for those overseas, shop around for international shipping. You may be able to find a good deal.

Zoggs DC Superhero
Wonder Woman hats and goggles. Two to avoid devastation through loss!

There are a variety of trunks and costumes available from small babies up to adult swimsuits and jammer shorts for men. The costumes are divided along gendered lines, mostly. You can buy a female Batman costume, but Wonder Woman does not come on shorts nor in a unisex bodysuit option. The only WW costume available in my six-year-old’s size was very frilly and he didn’t want to wear it, despite his love for Wonder Woman. This is a bit of shame, but he has loved his float, hat, and goggles, so there’s that.

As well as costumes, you can also buy, kit bags, kickboards, armbands, goggles, and hats. For younger children, there are floatation-aiding water wing suits too.

Where’s Aquaman?

Bit of a conundrum here, I guess. Aquaman swim stuff feels like something of a no-brainer, but his logo is far from recognizable. The Flash more so, but I guess he’s more associated with running, and besides, lightning and water? Probably not a very good mix. For now, then, it’s only Supes, Bat, and Wonder that are getting the Zoggs treatment.

Why Use the Zoggs DC Superhero Range?

More than many things, swim accessories seem to conform to the adage of “you get what you pay for.” Zoggs are not the cheapest brand available, but their stuff is super-reliable. I’ve never had any problems with Zoggs goggles (apart from my children losing a pair every third week).

The swim hats a made from strong, thick rubber/plastic that remains easy to take on and off, even after many uses. The hats don’t become a sticky lump after being balled up and shoved carelessly into a swim bag. They remain flexible and easy to open and fit onto a child’s head. They also don’t seem to pull hair when being taken off.

Zoggs DC Superhero
Bat-hat and Super-shorts. Who would win?

Having always gone dirt cheap when regarding swim hats, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much easier life has been with these Zoggs hats. No hat related tears in the changing room. Not only that, the bold logos on both sides of that hat are very striking. Having tried a number of different goggles brands over the years, usually in the name of saving money, comparing those experiences with those I’ve had with Zoggs, I have to say paying that little extra is well worth it.

Swimming lessons are expensive enough without your child stopping every thirty seconds to empty water from the lenses. The straps are easily adjustable, making for an easy life getting changed. The goggles stay fastened too. My heart used to sink when a cold shivery hand shoved a pair of goggles at me, with a  dangly strip of rubber hanging forlornly from them. Rethreading the loops is often a puzzle Erno Rubik would have been proud of. So far, our Zoggs goggles have never come unthreaded.

Above all, though, is child engagement. Getting my children into the pool for lessons can be a battle, but knowing they’re going to be superheroes when they get there seems to have eased this burden. My youngest loves the kudos he gets for being dressed as Wonder Woman, and the big one, well, he’s a dude in his all-black Batman hat and shorts.

The DC Zoggs range is available now from Zoggs, direct (UK only). You could also try, or ask at your local swimming baths.

Disclaimer: Hats, goggles, and trunks were sent to me by Zoggs in order for me to write this review. 

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