Tickets Available Now for Pop-Up Magazine Fall Issue


Pop-Up Magazine Fall Issue


Jenée Desmond-Harris at Pop-Up Magazine
Jenée Desmond-Harris at the 2018 Spring Issue of Pop-Up Magazine, photographed at Oakland’s Paramount Theatre by Erin Brethauer.

Last year, I had the privilege of attending Pop-Up Magazine’s Fall Issue here in Portland, Oregon, and was absolutely delighted by the experience. Pop-Up Magazine is a “live magazine,” where artists and writers and musicians perform stories live on stage—something like a cross between a concert and a TED Talk. Last year’s issue included short animation, slides, even a bit of opera. There were funny stories and serious stories, and every segment had me engrossed from beginning to end. And unlike most experiences we share nowadays, Pop-Up Magazine is not recorded and posted later—you see it live, or not at all.

Pop-Up Magazine Fall 2018 Guests

Tickets are available now for the Fall Issue, which will include San Francisco, DC, New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Toronto, and Chicago. I’ll admit that when I scan the list of guests, I find most of them unfamiliar aside from Rebecca Skloot (author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks), but the same was true last year. I’ve been invited to attend, and I’m excited for whatever stories they bring to the evening.

Minna Choi from the Magik*Magik Orchestra
Minna Choi from the Magik*Magik Orchestra. Photo: Erin Brethauer

Visit the Pop-Up Magazine website for more information or to order tickets.

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