Geek Daily Deals Jul. 23, 2018: 20-Pack of Drought-Tolerant Succulents for $28!


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Geek Daily Deals 072318 succulentsGeek Daily Deals – Save water (and money) and make your yard, garden, or windowsill an exotic showplace with this pack of succulents.

First, yes, getting plants shipped to you by Amazon works. We’ve done it a few time, including a tree sapling that’s currently taking root in our back yard. Second, succulents are awesome. We live on the West coast, where the trend is leaning heavily towards replacing lawns and other water-wasting landscaping with drought-tolerant greenery. Succulents are some fo the coolest plants you can install, and they are hardy enough to survive a lot of abuse. This price is pretty amazing, as well – if you search your local home and garden store, a similar (even smaller) pack of starter succulents will cost more than double!

Shop Succulents Unique Succulent (Collection of 20):

  • Each succulent in the Unique Collection is a different variety. Plants may vary from pictures shown as succulents are selected based on season, size, health, and readiness
  • Succulents come in 2 inch square pots fully rooted in soil. Plant measurement will vary as different species grow in different ways: for example, some grow wider, shorter, taller, trailing etc
  • All succulent packs are carefully packed in Shop Succulents retail packaging making these easy to gift
  • All Shop Succulents plants come with helpful care instructions in every pack
  • A Shop Succulents plant reference guide (QR Code) is included in every Shop Succulents order. Succulents are drought tolerant plants, needing little water to thrive

Get a 20-pack for $28 today!


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