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Up this week from our friends (and newest sponsors) at Brilliant is Physics of the Everyday. In this course, you’ll explore matter, motion, and energy through 36 interactive quizzes and more than 450 guided problems.

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While I initially expected the phrase “everyday physics” to be a bit of a misnomer, I was happy to discover that these education modules really do illuminate the foundational science of physics using relatable examples like the water cycle and fluoridation. They even expand into the realm of pop culture with exercises concerning everyone’s favorite kaiju, Godzilla.

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By the end of the course, you’ll go from solving everyday physics problems to exploring matters of fluid mechanics and energy conservation. And Brilliant’s simple, relatable manner of instruction makes it both approachable and uniquely enjoyable. Moreover, you’ll come to understand that a knowledge of physics is exactly what the discerning GeekParent needs to see beyond the latest buzzwords and safety scares and into the important scientific truths underneath.

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In short, you’ll learn to think like a physicist using only a few powerful principles, and, of course, you can begin this journey for free right now.

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