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Cosplays of ConnectiCon 2018

As usual, my favorite part of my local con, Connecticon, was the cosplay.

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First up from ConnectiCon 2018, held this past weekend at the Convention Center in Hartford, Connecticut, I present the GeekMom contingent!

Corrina's Daughter, catching them all
GeekMom Karen plus Calvin and Hobbes
GeekMom Ann, cosplaying from Saga
And this cosplay goes with....
GeekMom A.J.'s crew. I bet Mister Rogers would win the cosplay Death Match. (Photo by A.J. O'Connell)
GeekMom Karen, cosplaying as Bombshell Wonder Woman (Photo by Karen.)

Next up, the awesome group cosplays!

Birds of Prey!
Teen Titans!
The Scoobies!

And a selection of some of the others I saw on the floor. I’ve enclosed several photos of Big Daddy from Bioshock because that costume was epic!

Wonder Woman, of course
Deadpool and Cyborg (Alas, Cyborg did not come with the other Teen Titans)
This is such an awesome handmade BB-8 dress
GeekMom Ann, cosplaying from Saga
Bioshock cosplay
Big Daddy from the side
Big Daddy from the back
Perhaps my FAVORITE: Bumblebee from DC Superhero Girls
General Holdo lives!
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