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Monster Jam Down Under: Family Ticket Giveaway

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monster jam truck australia
Image provided by Feld Entertainment

Do you feel the rumble? That heavy vibration under your feet? And the sound, like a stampede of buffalo across the open plain. Only, these aren’t bison. And this isn’t the Great Plains of the United States of America. We’re talking about the raw power of Monster Jam. And we have tickets for this years return to Australia.

What is Monster Jam?

Oh, sweet summer child. Welcome to the world of Monster Trucks. It’s a phenomenon from the US of A, built on big wheels and big thrills. In the 1970s, lots of people were beefing up their trucks and putting on a show for the crowds. Remember that scene in Cars 3, when McQueen and Ramirez meet Miss Fritter in the Demolition Derby? Now imagine someone watching that in the 1970s and saying, “Hold my drink…”

The first truck to drive over some cars was BigFoot in 1981. We’re talking some serious mechanical innovation, creating a whole new species of truck–and a whole new source of entertainment. Crowds went wild! They loved the visual display! They loved the sounds! And they loved learning about all the customized details on these trucks. Do not mistake these for some simple rev-heads. There is an amazing amount of engineering in these beasts.

monster jam truck bigfoot australia
BigFoot v. Bearfoot Arena / Image from Wikipedia

As the popularity of Monster Trucks grew, so too did the technology and driving skills. The United States Hot Rod Association saw this and said: “Let’s start organizing some shows!”. In 1995, it created the official touring show, Monster Jam.

Today’s trucks are nearly 13-feet tall and 13-feet wide, weighing in at around six-ton! (For our Aussie readers, that’s four-metres tall and four-metres wide, weighing 5,500kg!) The trucks are custom-designed machines, built for short, high-powered bursts of speed. They run on methanol, which is a far better alternative than the petrol-chugging I first expected. And yes, the methanol fuel gives enough of a kick to do all the amazing stunts, like flying up to 50m in a single leap–that’s nearly 14 cars long!

Monster Jam Down Under

Monster Jam is no stranger to the land Down Under; the show has been presenting in Australia since 2013. This year, we have four shows across Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. And when I say “we”, it’s because GeekMom has a family pass for each city to giveaway. So I like to think we’re part of the family in some way. *wink*

Kicking off on October 6, full dates and show locations are as follows:

  • Saturday, October 6 at 5 pm: Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
  • Saturday, October 13 at 6pm: ANZ Stadium, Sydney
  • Saturday, October 20 with TWO SHOWS at 2 pm and 7 pm: AAMI Park, Melbourne
monster jam truck sydney australia
Image provided by Feld Entertainment

I know there are plenty of reasons to go and check out Monster Jam Down Under but I will be honest with you here: I have the best one.

Wonder Woman. Well, more accurately, The Wonder Woman Monster Jam Truck, designed as a tribute to the namesake heroine we all know and love. If Diana was ever to get behind the wheel of a Monster Truck, this would be the one. And she’s driven by Australia’s only Monster Jam trained driver, Rhianna Buchanan. The Wonder Woman Monster Jam Truck is an absolute beauty and having Rhianna as the driver simply tops it off perfectly. Rhianna has been stunt driving and racing for most of her life. It’s a match made in geek heaven.

monster jam truck wonder woman australia
Image provided by Feld Entertainment

Family Ticket Giveaway

As mentioned above, thanks to Monster Jam and Feld Entertainment, GeekMom has one (1) family pass to give away for each city: Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

For the chance to win one of these family passes, all you need to do is fill in the details below. Entries close Friday, July 6, 2018. Winners will be contacted by email and announced on or around Monday, July 9, 2018. Competition is open to Australian Residents only and is for event admission only; all additional costs, including but not limited to accommodation, travel, food, beverages, extra features, and merchandise, are the sole responsibility of the winners. All information is collected for the purpose of the competition only and will be provided to Feld Entertainment for the purpose of providing the tickets.

If you miss out on the giveaway, there are still seats available at each venue. Prices start at $24 for kids (up to 12-years-old) and adults at $39. For the absolute top-of-the-line total access package, tickets are $189 per person. Check out the seating arrangements for each venue and ticket prices through Ticketek, either online at or call 132 849.

Can’t make it to Australia? Fear not! Monster Jam is an international phenomenon! Head over to their homepage and click on the flag in the top left corner. You should be presented with a selection of flags to choose from. Select the flag for the country closest to you, and then click on Tickets in the top right corner. It’s kind of expected for the USA to have the greatest number of shows on offer between now and the end of the year. However, there are many other countries scheduled to show-off their trucks!

monster jam truck australia
Image provided by Feld Entertainment

And before you go, here are some tips from the GeekMonsters themselves:

  1. Bring earplugs or earmuffs, especially for the kids.
  2. Dress comfortably and bring layers. The show is 1-2 hours long and the venue needs to be well-ventilated for the entire session. It could be breezy, depending on your weather.
  3. If you’re attending a late afternoon show, encourage younger kids to have a nap first. These shows are designed to give you an adrenaline rush, no matter your age or ability to manage it.
  4. If you can, go the extra bit and pay for the Party in the Pits experience. This is the opportunity to be up close and personal with the trucks and their drivers.

Good luck! And may the best Monster Truck win!


We Have Our Winners!!

Congratulations to the following:

  • ADELAIDE: Monica S
  • SYDNEY: Simon B
  • MELBOURNE: Gabrielle S

Please check your email for confirmation and reply ASAP so we can send out your prize packs.

Thanks to everyone who entered! You can still purchase tickets through Ticketek (as detailed above) and share your adventures with us on social media (@geekmomblog)


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