‘Geekasaurus’ April 4th, 2018 – Mom Friends

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I just left the home of one of my amazing mom friends and I feel reenergized. It’s like I’ve taken a bubble bath in champagne. It’s like a full body massage on the beach with a long nap. It’s like an IV drip of caffeine without the crash. I feel sane now, when not too long ago I was ready to have an anxious crying session on the floor because I couldn’t find anything that I needed in my house. Believe me when I tell you that, while I am normally a notorious hermit, having a conversation with another adult who understands where I am coming from and will not judge me is the most important thing I will do today. I needed to feel human again.

Sometimes mom life sucks. It’s beautiful. It’s magical. It’s also challenging and frustrating and can wear you down to tiny nubs of sensitive nerves. For every laughter and moment of joy there is a sleepless night, a touched out afternoon, or a nap-time meltdown. These challenges morph into something unrecognizable as soon as you have a handle on things. Children are incredibly good at changing the rules. Parents must adapt constantly. Being in a perpetual state of flux takes a toll physically, mentally, and emotionally.

For me, a mom friend can make all the difference. I mostly work from home and tend to forget that there is a fabulous world outside of my four walls. Sure, it’s comfortable in my cave. I have snacks. Netflix is just a quick click away. I don’t have to wear pants. But is it healthy for me to hide away every day? Is it healthy to peer at the world from behind the curtains rather than be a part of it?

I’m not always the greatest friend. I have flaws that can interrupt my life and cause me to unintentionally shy away from everything. Sometimes socializing doesn’t come to me easily. But if I didn’t have the mom friends that I have now, I know that I’d be stuck in a pit of darkness. My mom friends help me be a better mom. I can’t thank them enough.

Here’s to all the moms out there just trying to hang on until nap time. I see you. I hear you. May your next “playdate” bring you the balance that you crave and the energy that you need. Hug a mom friend today and tell her that you love her. She probably needs it.

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