Geek Daily Deals Mar. 9, 2018: Solar System Crystal Globe and Space Socks


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Geek Daily Deals 030918 solar system globe space socksGeek Daily Deals – Put the solar system in the palm of your hand (or at least on top of your desk) with this gorgeous crystal globe with planets and moons in their orbits; or show your space geekness with these awesome socks!

Sock It To Me Men’s “One Giant Leap” Crew Sock:

Do you wish you were walking on the moon? Well, demonstrate your passion for space with these awesome socks!

  • THE FINAL FRONTIER OF FASHION – Tread any surface with these ultra-comfy astronaut men’s crew socks that will certainly orbit your feet in style. Pull on a pair and reach for the stars.
  • NERDY SCIENCE GIFT – Yes, these socks will look stellar on your feet. They also make an out-of-this-world gift for that special science nerd in your life.
  • UNIVERSAL GOODNESS – Make your feet happy with these durable, high-quality crew socks. They are made in Korea from super-soft materials; 75% cotton, 20% polyester, and 5% spandex.
  • QUIRKY DESIGNS – Grab a pair of these fun socks for men before they blast off into the unknown. Men’s crew sock that fits shoe size 7-13, approximately.
  • NOVELTY SOCKS FOR ALL OCCASIONS – Like an astronaut, you can go anywhere. Take one giant leap with them on a business adventure, with your groomsmen suit, Sunday best, or if you’re a lady and love outer space, then wear away, ma’am.

Get a pair today for $12!


Solar System Crystal Ball with Wood Stand:

A beautiful and educational bit of art for any space geek’s desktop!

  • 8 planets of the solar system inside, NOT INCLUDING Pluto because its considered a dwarf planet now. The crystal solar system is an excellent educational tool for young children, and it looks nice as a decorative piece in the family room. It helps children understand the relationship of the sun and planets in 3-D!
  • For those looking for a unique gift for the space lover or any astronomer, this is it. It is a very nice representation of the solar system. The planets and the rings that show the orbits are in the different colors. Can be used as either a paperweight or a free-standing object.
  • Got More Than the Whole World in Your Hand – Elegant, beautifully executed, a great addition to a collection of globes of Earth you might be keeping handy. When the evening news rises above mere foibles to bowel loosening terror, an earth globe can reset us by its calming perspective. A set of representations of the Earth as it was thought to be in the past can now be enriched by a new and wider view of our entire solar system.
  • Elegant and Ideal for Display- 80mm / 3 inch diameter.This classic clear crystal ball will add a touch of elegance to any room. Perfect place in your office, living room or bedroom.
  • Come with gift box and wood stand and is great for displaying the ball. Would recommend this product to anyone who likes the solar system and would like an interesting and good looking way to display it.

Get one today for just $31!


Bonus Deals:

Get Out available on Blu-Ray for $12 (and other formats).


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