Noting Says Love For Valentine’s Day Like a Fake T. Rex Head on the Wall

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Photo CC BY SA Ruth Suehle.

What are you getting your S.O. for Valentine’s Day this year? The usual box of chocolates and a new geeky t-shirt? Lame. Nothing says love like the head of a fantastic beast on your wall.

Wall Charmers is a purveyor of just such fine creatures for an unusual Valentine’s Day present, with no actual creatures injured in the process. Or “no harm, all charm,” as they put it. They’re cast in poly-resin and come in either unfinished white or hand-painted in 21 colors. The real problem is choosing which animal. (Of course, a gallery of faux fauna is always an option!)

Unusual Valentine's presents
Close-up of T. Rex Wall Charmer. Photo CC BY SA Ruth Suehle.

The second problem is finding the right place of honor in the house. You could go classic — deer head over the fireplace. (It even comes in a buffalo plaid cardboard version.)

But I think the best of the Wall Charmers are in the Aquatic and Imaged category: Dinosaur, Octopus, and Unicorn.

The Dinosaur options would be the perfect feature in a dinosaur-themed bedroom. You can choose from T. Rex or triceratops. I don’t have a dinosaur-themed bedroom, but Wall Charmers was kind enough to send us a silver T. Rex, and I found the perfect home.

As soon as you walk in the front door of my house, there’s this little-lighted wall niche right in front of you. I suppose most people use it for a lovely vase or sculpture. But I knew as soon as I saw it I wasn’t a lovely vase kind of person. I just wasn’t sure what did go there. Until I met T. Rex, whom my son instantly named “Tim.” You can see him living there in the photo at the top of this post.

My concerns about faux taxidermy were regarding weight and quality of the pieces, and those concerns have been relieved. Tim is a well-distributed six pounds. But the resin is also sturdy and should hold up well to life in a kid’s room. And it looks great. The cosplayers among you no doubt have seen what a terrible resin cast looks like, so fear not. Neither Tim, nor any other T. Rex or his resin friends will disappoint you, And they’re easy to hang from the built-in mounting hole!

Unusual Valentines presents
The mounting hole is at the top of the head — the piece is laying on its side for this photo. CC BY SA Ruth Suehle.

For creatures with parts like antlers, horns, or tusks, you can also choose multiple colors. For example, the unicorns can have metallic or glitter horns:

Unusual Valentines presents
Wall Charmers photo

If you’re looking for something more eye-catching on the wall than those posters you’ve had since college — something that will start conversations — this is the way to go.

GeekMom received a Wall Charmer for review.

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