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The Flash Races Back With Its Mid-Season Premiere Tonight on The CW

The Flash is back! Sure, the show returns from the mid-season break tonight, but more important, this season has seen a return to a lighter, more fun Flash. As we head into the back half of the season, can the writers and producers resist the siren’s song of turning The Flash into Law and Order?

That’s right, Barry’s going to trial for the murder of Clifford DeVoe. As you might recall, DeVoe manipulated Team Flash into pulling M.I.A. Barry out of the Speed Force in the season four premiere and, using logic not seen since Rube Goldberg sat down and played a game of Mouse Trap, created a dozen or so metahumans out of a bus full of hard-luck folks.

Therein lies the real secret to unfold in the second half of the season. Not, “Will Barry beat the rap?” Of course he will. Not, “Will Barry defeat DeVoe?” Again, this is The Flash, not The Thinker; we know Barry and the team will find a way. No, the question is, “What’s up with the ‘Metahumans on a Bus’ plan?”

Who Are the Remaining “Bus Metahumans”?

To date, about half of the dozen new metahumans have been revealed, which makes sense with where we are in the season. At first, it appeared that the new metas were just there to be villain-of-the-week threats. The introduction of Ralph Dibny–Elongated Man–has been fun, if out of place. I mean, if DeVoe really planned for every contingency, why would he create an ally for Barry? Beyond that, we learned in the mid-season finale that one of the new metas was created for a specific purpose–to be the host body for DeVoe’s mind.

All of that circles back around to the question of what purpose the remaining “Bus Metas” serve in DeVoe’s devious plan, as well as DeVoe’s rationale for gifting Ralph with powers and watching him become a part of the team that DeVoe is trying to bring down.

The answers begin tonight! Let us know what you’re hoping for in the back half of this season in the comments, and post your thoughts as you watch the episode on the GeekDad Facebook page.

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