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Blankie Tails at PlayFair 2017

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Blankie Tails

Blankie Tails was one of my favorite PlayFair Ambassador Box items. The box came with their new My Little Pony mermaid kids’ blanket, which I had to fight over. Yes, GeekKid L loved Blankie Tails so much that we had a down and dirty argument.

You know why? Because these things are the fuzziest, coziest, warmest snuggles ever.

But, and to sound like an infomercial, that’s not all.

I love my Blankie Tail precisely because sometimes when you’re stressed out you want to be all bundled up like a burrito. After a long overstimulating day, sometimes getting all wrapped up in blankets and just hiding in the compression of fabric is all I want. Blankie Tails do this in the softest way possible.

When meandering around PlayFair, I stopped specifically to thank the crew at Blankie Tails for their contribution to the Ambassador Box. At which point, I learned something amazing. The MLP tail? It was for kids.

They make them for all us grown ups. For reals, folks, these are even more amazing because, well, you don’t feel squooshed. I’m 5′ tall and about 180lbs. I can fit fairly comfortably in the kids Blankie Tail, but it stops at my waist. The adult one? That goes all the way up to my neck.

I’ve been having a long week. You know those weeks, the ones where by Wednesday, you’re pretty convinced it’s supposed to be Friday, but then for some inexplicable reason it’s not even Thursday? Yup. One of those.

You know what got me through this week? Snuggling up on my couch in my Blankie Tail (the new ombre one might I add) with a glass of wine. It was pure, unadulterated adulting to the extreme comfort.

Even better? The dog loves it too.

Blankie Tails

Watch GeekMom Karen’s interview with the phenomenal ladies over at Blankie Tails. Trust us, you’re going to want one of these for the upcoming winter.

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