Anticipating Brave

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Brave: Courtesy of Pixar
Brave: Courtesy of Pixar

As the mother of a two and a half year old girl, I can’t help but wonder if pink and princesses are around the corner. (Alternate versions of this sentence include the words: “dread” and, “be scared of the possibility.”) I’m adamant that these things not be forced on her – NOT AN EASY TASK AS YOU CAN IMAGINE – but on the other hand, I would never tell her she can’t like something.  As I’ve explained to my husband: if SHE is the one who shows an interest, and comes to me with it, then I’ll be the first person to say, “Okay, darling, let’s glitter this sh** up right!”

Recently she became interested in Tinkerbell and Arrietty, and now I’m obsessed with making her a faerie garden.

Last week, GeekMom Kelly wrote about the search for “plucky protagonists” for her little girl who is into princesses. In her post she mentioned the upcoming movie from Pixar: Brave.

Brave: Courtesy of Pixar

I have high hopes for this film, the first Pixar movie that features a female protagonist. Thus far, I am really pleased at what I see in the teaser trailer. Merida, voiced by Kelly MacDonald (Mrs. Schroeder in Boardwalk Empire) seems strong, spunky, and, well.. brave. Have a look for yourself, then you tell me – are you excited? Do you think Pixar can give us a girl that we’ll be proud to show our little ones?


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7 thoughts on “Anticipating Brave

  1. We are so excited! Just seeing the trailer inspires my 6yo daughter to get outside and use her little plastic archery set.

    Yay for Pixar for (finally) making a movie with a female lead… it’s been a long time coming.

    Merida rocks! 😉

    1. My daughter and I are both excited to see it, and she is 15. Having been an SCA mom who was fighting heavies in my 30’s and my daughter who was doing boffers when she was wee, we are ready for a phury princess!

  2. Nice to see another mom who feels like I do. My little girl is liking pink of her own mind. I tell her she’s my smart and pretty princess who helps slay the dragons too! It wil be great to have a nonpassive female character…

  3. I just wish I could show Brave to my kiddo when it comes out! I have a feeling I’ll have to wait a few years until it’s age-appropriate.

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