‘Ultimate Slime’ Is The Ultimate Book for Slime Makers

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If there’s anyone who knows how to make slime, one of the most popular trends for kids on YouTube and Instagram, it’s content creator Alyssa Jagan—AKA craftyslimecreator on Instagram. The sixteen-year-old has hundreds of thousands of followers who watch her slime videos regularly for inspiration and relaxation.

Jagan is now also the author of a DIY book that slime makers of all ages will love: Ultimate Slime. Whether they’re looking for just the right slime recipe, ideas for making new kinds of slime, or even suggestions for new ways to play with it, this is the ultimate book for slime fanatics.

Getting Started

Jagan begins with basic ingredients for two kinds of slime, clear slime and white glue slime. Her recipes are free of Borax, calling instead for baking soda and contact solution, which can be less irritating to kids’ skin. She also suggests a number of slime add-ins that you might have never otherwise considered, like fishbowl beads and fake plastic snow. While the back of the book has a list of retailers who carry those items, most can also easily be found on Amazon.

Once you have the basic recipes down, Jagan goes into recipes of varying difficulty, with just one add-in like beads to more complicated variations with lotion, air-dry clay, shaving cream, and more.

Going Beyond Basic

You might never have thought of using ingredients like fake snow or modeling clay in your kids’ slime creations, but once you try Jagan’s suggestions, you’ll probably never go back to simple slime again. The fake snow creates “Cotton Candy Slime,” which is delightfully crunchy, not sticky, and a hit in our house.

Jagan also helpfully includes the consistency your kids’ slime should be for certain add-ins. For example, if the foam balls, glitter, or plastic beads have fallen out of batches you and the kids have made before, check Jagan’s instructions for how sticky a slime should be to keep those in.

Fishbowl Slime, made with small plastic beads, has a unique consistency—but be sure to follow the directions, or you’ll soon have beads all over the floor.

Make it a Party

Grab those add-ins from Amazon, gallons of glue or cheap bottles of clear glue from the craft store Michael’s, and you’re ready for an impromptu slime-making party with friends. Each kid will find a recipe in Ultimate Slime that appeals to them, and if you’re okay with a little mess, you’ll have just as much fun helping out and getting to play with the results.

Ultimate Slime is now available at book retailers. Pick it up for your little slime fan, or wrap it up with some of the suggested ingredients for the perfect birthday gift.

GeekMom received a promotional copy for review purposes.

All Photos: Kelly Knox

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  1. I am ordering this right now for my daughter’s Halloween Candy Fairy present. She’s a fiend about slime, and would love some new recipes!

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