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When my mother moved out of my childhood home, I had already moved away myself, recently married and with a new baby. She called me on the phone when she was packing up my room, “Is there anything you want?” I couldn’t imagine anything in my old bedroom that was necessary for breastfeeding–my only concern at that moment.”I don’t care. Throw it away.” Oh, do I regret not having a chance to look for myself! There are two things I still miss: in an unmarked envelope under my bed were the love letters from my now-husband, and, in a drawer of my desk, my vast sticker collection. The love letters are irreplaceable, but, luckily, there is no shortage of amazing stickers to repopulate my obsession, and I NEED THEM ALL.

So take a break and look at tiny, shiny, stickers with me.

Image from AshwoodArts

Brigid Ashwood is one of my favorite geeky artists, with designs of dragons and fairies and punk-rock unicorns. Her stickers are perfect for planners (which she also creates), calendars, and all your writing projects.

MochiThings has many adorable stickers and post-it notes. I really liked this manga-style sticker set for Alice in Wonderland fans.

Image By Mochithings

I also adore online stickers you can send via Messenger. Sinister Oyster! Here is a video of someone dancing with the stickers in real life:

Stickers that can be used over and over are fun too, especially with a space theme! Eyelike Stickers.

Image By Amazon

Here is a very easy DIY way to create your own stickers. This is great for kids to try with their original drawings. I was amused that the video is using images from online stickers to create real stickers. 🙂

A finally, a sticker song to numb your brain for a minute. You’re welcome!

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