OZ Comic-Con Ticket Giveaway 2017

OZ Comic-Con 2017 Ticket Giveaway (Sydney and Brisbane)

OZ Comic-Con Ticket Giveaway 2017
Photo by EG Mum

Just when you thought it was safe to put your money back in the bank and lock away your geeky savings for another year… Oz Comic-Con is back! And once again they have TWO family passes to giveaway: one for Sydney and one for Brisbane.

Before you “tl;dr” to the competition details at the end, check out the preview details below for both Sydney and Brisbane:

  • TV and film guests, including: Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who), Jason Momoa (Aquaman), David Giuntoli, and Bitsie Tulloch (Grimm);
  • Comics and published guests, including: Nicola Scott, Kylie Chan, Christopher Sequeira, Wolfgang Bylsma, and Paul Abstruse;
  • Plenty of workshops and panels, including: Gaming Zone, Family Room, Cosplay competitions, Twitch workshop stage, and plenty of local artists in the Artists’ Alley.

While there are always plenty of reasons to attend geeky conventions, Oz Comic-Con is super popular because it’s so family friendly! Think of it as a combination of Supanova’s mainstream appeal, SMASH!’s great array of activities, and PAX Aust’s community vibe. Put all of that together with a gorgeous Sydney backdrop and you have a pretty awesome convention for the whole family. (*cough* Yeah, Brisbane is a nice city too…)

Oz Comic-Con has always been a big family event. I especially love the Family Room filled with activities and family-friendly entertainment in one spot. There is also the annual Kids Cosplay Parade, allowing even the tiniest cosplay artists the opportunity to bring their favorite character to life.

Photo by EG Mum

Oz Comic-Con is a national convention, held across various venues throughout the year. The next event is in Brisbane on September 23-24 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. The following weekend is in Sydney on September 30 and October 1 at the Sydney International Convention Centre. Tickets are still available through the Oz Comic-Con website, but if you’re feeling lucky we have TWO family passes to giveaway, thanks to the Oz Comic-Con crew. That’s ONE family pass to attend the Brisbane event and ONE family pass to attend the Sydney event (family being two adults and two kids).

Competition Details

First up–this competition is open to AUSTRALIAN RESIDENTS ONLY. GeekMom/GeekDad is an international site, so it is pretty darn awesome when we can share the love with our readers in various countries outside the United States of America too.

Competition entries are via the Rafflecopter below: We need your name and email address (as per usual). PLUS you also need to leave a comment below, on this GeekMom page–we need to know your preferred venue (Sydney or Brisbane) AND we want to know your favorite childhood geek-love, the one you sooooooooo want to share with your kids at any geeky convention. It could be She-Ra and her mighty steed, Swift-Wind. Perhaps you were more of a Battle of the Planets fan? Or do you get a kick out of racing your kids on Mario Kart? Tell us in the comments below AND enter the Rafflecopter. I’m going to be cross-referencing our winners across both…

Competition closes Sunday, September 10, 2017 at 9 pm Sydney Time. Big thanks to the Oz Comic-Con crew for the opportunity.



Congratulations to Myla Taup (Sydney) and Sarah Tegerdine (Brisbane)! Check your emails for your prize details!

Big thank you to all of our entrants–it is inspiring to read so many great geek moments to be shared with your kids! Looks like our geeky future is in good hands.

And a big thank you to the organisers at Oz Comic-Con for the prizes. There are still tickets available to both Sydney and Brisbane events. For those attending, please tag @geekmomblog in your social media. We love to see all the geeky fun you get up to!

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10 thoughts on “OZ Comic-Con 2017 Ticket Giveaway (Sydney and Brisbane)

  1. Life is certainly more interesting living your life under a roof full of book, tv show and even comic geeks. It would definitely allow us as a family to strengthen our bond filled with an array of different characteristics to finally meet each other in the middle of a very anti social era. The urge is so melancholic, I may seem desperate. Optimism is key so Sydney please save a seat for our family, Thank you. 🙂

  2. Just my daughter and I were going to day-trip to Sydney, but with a family pass we could all go and make it a weekend away! When I was an after-school cartoon addict I loved Astro Boy, and my Japanese husband grew up watching it too, so it’s one thing we have in common from our childhoods (that and Monkey Magic). This year I’m super proud that my daughter made an Astro Boy cosplay for our local Comic Gong, Supanova, and she’ll give it one more wear out at Comicon Sydney. Or maybe two wears?

  3. Who says Transformers are just for boys?? My husband and I love those bots and have already introduced them to our little tot. We’d love to visit Oz Comic Con in Sydney!

  4. The force has always been with me since childhood. I loved being introduced to the original series by my Father. I have enjoyed introducing my children to the battle of the Rebels and the Empire. It would be great to cosplay that in Brisbane!

  5. Sword of Omens. Lion-O. Sight beyond sight. Love it to this day. Spend my Saturdays watching one episode at a time with my partner here in Sydney.

  6. Brisbane. Without a doubt, Battlestar Galactica (the original series!). I loved Apollo & Starbuck! And the cylons were super scary to me back then…

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