Mold from start to finish.  Image: Dakster Sullivan

Upstep Orthotics: Inexpensive Comfort.

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When I was a kid, getting orthotics meant a trip to the foot doctor and a messy mold making process. For my parents, it meant a high cost for a kid who was still growing into her sneakers.

I wish Upstep had been around then. The company takes out the pain and inconvenience of getting your own custom shoe inserts for a reasonable price of around $199.

The first step to getting your custom orthotics is hitting up the Upstep website and picking out your style, letting them know where you feel pain on your feet, and what kind of shoes you wear. They have five color choices and two styles depending on if your shoes have removable inserts.

Upstep Website  Image: Screenshot
Upstep Website Image: Screenshot

After you place the initial order, a few days later you get your mold kit. Essentially it’s a box of foam that, when opened, has a place to put your left and right foot in. No mess. No stress. In fact, if your FedEx guy isn’t in a rush, you could easily do this before he walks back to his truck.

Mold from start to finish.  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Mold from start to finish. Image: Dakster Sullivan

A week or so later (website says 12 days or less) I had my custom orthotics and a set of exercises recommended for me based on the information I provided when I ordered.

The first pair wasn’t quite right and I had to reach out to customer service for help. The podiatrist decided to remake my orthotics with a different material and this time they were more comfortable. I actually wore them to the Magic Kingdom the day they arrived and didn’t have any discomfort. It was a wet day so I had to let them dry out for a few days after that but I’m happy to say they survived their first Florida storm.

My orthotics and my shoes.  Image: Dakster Sullivan
My orthotics and my shoes. Image: Dakster Sullivan

What I like about this process is that it’s detailed but it’s easy. I uploaded a picture of the shoes I wear on a daily basis so the doctor on duty could see what the orthotics would be used in. Customer service was easy to reach and they have a chat function on their website.

Orthodics side view  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Orthodics side view Image: Dakster Sullivan

I think the best part of this entire process, for me, was the avoidance of a doctors office visit. With my anxiety, it’s hard to get me to make an appointment, let alone show up, so this took that piece of the puzzle out. A few of my friends who have also had to get orthotics from the doctor’s office have said that the prices were comparable to what they had to pay.

Pricing starts at $209 but right now they are on sale for $199 (and you can get a 10% coupon by signing up for their newsletter).

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a review sample.

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