Kids and Parents Will Love Going to the Monkey House With Jack Forman

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Seattleites might know Jack Forman as part of the Grammy-nominated kid rock trio Recess Monkey, but listeners from around the country might also know him from Live From the Monkey House every day on SiriusXM. Jack brings his seemingly endless energy to his kids’ radio show and Recess Monkey, and now he also brings it to his first solo album from Amazon Music this September.

Songs from the Monkey House features twelve new, original songs inspired by real conversations Jack has had with real kids. With song titles like  “Watermelon,” “Yodeling Yoda,” “Candy Tour,” and “Sportball Anthem,” you just know that his new solo outing is packed with humor and fun for kids (and parents) of all ages.

“Jack played every instrument, wrote and sang every word, and drank a whole lot of coffee in the months it took to turn kids’ ideas into a reality,” revealed the announcement of the new album.

Not only will you find a song from Luke Skywalker’s point of view in “Yodeling Yoda,” you and the kids will even hear about the day in the life of a dog as he bounds through the dog park. Take a sneak peek below:

Songs From the Monkey House is coming from Amazon Music on September 29, 2017.

All Images © Jack Forman

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