Sweet Dreams With Dreampad

Dreampad makes the pillow of my dreams. I tested out their classic model a few years ago, and I’m happy to get to check out their latest memory foam variation.

Dreampad pillows have a unique built-in speaker that allows you to plug in your music device of choice, or with the Bluetooth adapter you can sync them up wirelessly. You can’t feel the speaker in the pillow, and in the latest model, you have the ability to tuck your device into a side pocket in the pillow to allow for a less wired experience.

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I tested my Dreampad out with the 4 GB Sony Walkman ($75) they sell on their website and I love it. The Sony Walkman is small enough to fit in the side pocket, and it comes loaded up with the Dreampad music.

Walkman Pocket Image: Dakster Sullivan

The Dreampad’s internal speaker design makes sure that only the one using the pillow actually hears the music. It also gives off small vibrations to help you gently fall asleep faster. Something you wouldn’t know if you don’t read the instructions is that the music will only play when the pillow feels the weight of your head.

I’ve been using the pillow for a week now, and I can tell you my sleep patterns have improved since I received it. I’m not sure that I can feel the soft vibrations it talks about, but I can tell a difference in the music being in the pillow versus sitting on my nightstand and playing that way. It’s far more soothing to be in the pillow, and I don’t have to worry about the sound being too loud for my husband. I’m not normally a memory foam person, but this pillow has converted me.

Nap time with Donny Image: Dakster Sullivan

No matter which style of pillow you go with, they all come with a 6-foot extension cable and the free music app. The Bluetooth receiver is optional and costs $19.

The Dreampad Memory Support is available on Dreampad’s website for $179. If you are not a memory foam person but would like to check out the classic variation, it’s available in various firmness starting at $149. The app is free and is available on iTunes and Google play.

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a review sample. 
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