Get The Most Out Of Amazon Prime Day


The first two years of Amazon Prime Day led to a lot of jokes and a few wins.

But it’s looking like the third Amazon Prime day (officially July 11, but launching tonight) will lead to some improvements. To help you score the best deals, we’ll be updating this post through the day tomorrow, so check in from time to time for new ideas.

Planning for your Prime Day

First, if you’re not already an Amazon Prime member, you’ll need to be one. If you’re not ready to commit to the $99/year, you can sign up for a 30-day trial membership to participate in Prime Day. If you already have an Echo, you can sign up for Prime through the device and get the membership for $79.

If you don’t have one, that’s my first recommended buy. The Echo will be $90, which is 50% off, and the Echo Dot will be $35 instead of $50.

Second, you’ll need to get started early. New deals will be offered every five minutes, so if you miss one thing, something else is no doubt around the corner. Amazon recommends using the app to see deals posted before they’re available. You’ll be able to see upcoming offers and set alerts to be notified when they are live.

If there are already things you know you want and hope will be for sale, go ahead and add them to your Amazon wish list. Amazon will notify you if an item on your list goes up in a Prime Day sale.

When you see something you want to buy, you might find yourself trying to decide if it’s really a good deal. In addition to checking out the reviews, you can use or to see the price history and decide if you’re ready to pull the trigger.

Finally, when you’re hunting for the best deals, check the Amazon Warehouse, where you’ll find an extra 20% off.

Best deals for geeks

This is the section where you’ll see ongoing updates, so check back in here if you don’t have time to sift through Amazon yourself! If you click an item below and don’t see the sale price, it’s either expired (and we’ll delete it as soon as we notice), or hasn’t come up on a lightning deal yet.

Amazon electronics


Prime Day sales by fandom

Crafting and home

Toys and Games

Video gaming

Prime Now

Sale time started early for Prime Now, Amazon’s quick delivery service.

With the code 10PRIMEDAY, you can get $10 off an order right now and another $10 off an order from July 13-31. And there’s quite a bit in there already at 25-30% off, especially if you’re looking for ice cream. Halo Top for around $3 delivered to your door? Yes, please.

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