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Wonder Woman Eats: A Collection of Wonder Woman Recipes for Wonder Woman Day

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Excited about the upcoming film Wonder Woman? Want to express this excitement through food? We know we wanted to, yet my online searches for Wonder Woman recipes yielded only decorating ideas for cupcakes and cookies. Awesome as they were, they hardly make up a meal. So GeekMom Karen and I set out to find Wonder Woman recipes fit for a superhero. Note: we haven’t tested any of these recipes, but rather are offering rebranding suggestions. Which means, we’re not vouching for these recipes, and trust your culinary and online searching abilities to take you to reliable Wonder Woman recipes.

Wonder Woman Ain’t No Tart

Here’s a recipe for a tomato tart that is easily adapted to make it one of our savory Wonder Woman recipes. Simply arrange the yellow tomatoes in the shape of the WW logo and proceed as directed.

Wonder Woman’s Savory Strawberry Strength

GeekMom Karen is a fan of sweet and savory mixed together. Combining the sweetness of strawberries with the salt of goat cheese seemed like the perfect way to create multifaceted flavor profile befitting a superhero for one of our Wonder Woman recipes.

1 pint strawberries
1 package buttermilk biscuits
1 package goat cheese (either crumbles or log)

Slice strawberries into wedges. Split biscuits so that they are “open face.” Spread or sprinkle goat cheese on biscuits. Layer strawberry wedges in a star shape.

Greek Green Goddess Crudité

GeekMom Karen is a n00b to veggie eating. Vegetables have always seemed way more chewing effort than reward. However, no party is complete without the ubiquitous veggie platter. When searching for Wonder Woman recipes, the veggie platter is more about presentation than flavor. Try making carrot ribbons by slicing carrots with a vegetable peeler to make them look like lassoes. Get creative with the colors–some red peppers and radishes bring a nice dash of red. For a dash of blue, add in some blue corn chips. Then buy or make a green goddess dressing to add as a dip.

Greek Goddess Gyros

Find a recipe for (or order from your favorite Greek restaurant) gyros. To add this to our list of Wonder Woman recipes, we suggest wrapping the gyro in parchment/waxed paper to resemble togas.

Warrior Princess Bread

Crescent Rolls

Lay out the crescent rolls in the shape of either the Indestructible Bracelets or the Projectile Tiara and bake. Top with a star of jelly, and serve.

Lasso of Truth

We’re going full international here, turning to Indian cuisine for a couple of possible recipes to double as Lassos.

First, Chakkali is a crunchy savory snack that’s popular in India. I remember making it with my mom when I was a kid, using some special tool to pipe the dough in spirals into oil. So this may not be super simple, but you could also just head to a local Indian grocer and purchase them.

India also offers a sweet lasso treat, namely jilebi. It is sticky, sweet, and looks like a lasso.

If you prefer not to fry, I found this recipe for vegan baked jilebi, erm, lassos.

I don’t know what xylitol is, and personally would likely try this with actual sugar (or honey or some other natural sweetener), but if you try it, let me know how it goes.

Inspired by Wonder Woman’s costume. If you can find star fruit, by all means, add that in, too. There are no actual quantities for this because it really depends on your tastes.

Atlantis Ambrosia Fruit Salad

strawberries – cut
banana – sliced
pineapple chunks – drained (if from a can/jar)
honey greek yogurt

Blend all together in a bowl and serve. Or arrange all fruit on a tray so it looks like Wonder Woman’s outfit and serve the yogurt as a dipping sauce on the side (suggestion: arrange the pineapple chunks around the dip bowl to resemble the magic lasso).

Meanwhile, one of the easiest summer treats is a BBQ favorite. If you’ve ever grown up around Cool Whip™, you know that making a trifle is possibly the easiest dessert ever. (Unless you’re GeekMom Karen, who can’t bake and might have messed up a chocolate cake from a box once.) However, since it’s June and hopefully warm somewhere, adding fresh fruit and cake to the meal is a no-brainer.

Don’t Trifle with Wonder Woman

1 angel food cake
1 package whipped topping
1-2 pints strawberries
1-2 pints blueberries

Slice the angel food cake into pieces. In a clear (or not clear, use what you got) bowl, layer the ingredients as you would a lasagna. Cake, blueberries, whipped topping, strawberries. Continue until the bowl is full or you’re out of ingredients. If you’re feeling really fancy? Get some yellow star sprinkles to put on top.


Magic Lasso Mango Lassi (try saying that three times fast)

Yes, there is an adult beverage out there called the Wonder Woman. You can add this if you like.

If sweet mixed drinks aren’t your thing, try to think about finding a nice golden ale or perhaps even a sour cherry beer.

Final note, feel free to print the image above to use as labels for your own epic Wonder Woman party spread.

Be sure to share pictures in the comments below or on social media with the hashtag #wonderwomaneats (and tag us at @GeekMomBlog).

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